Marian E. Berryhill, PhD - US grants

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 
Visual memory, attention

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High-probability grants

According to our matching algorithm, Marian E. Berryhill is the likely recipient of the following grants.
Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2008 — 2009 Berryhill, Marian E
F32Activity Code Description:
To provide postdoctoral research training to individuals to broaden their scientific background and extend their potential for research in specified health-related areas.

The Nature of Parietal Involvement in Visual Short-Term Memory

@ Temple University

2012 Berryhill, Marian E
Caplovitz, Gideon Paul (co-PI) [⬀]
R15Activity Code Description:
Supports small-scale research projects at educational institutions that provide baccalaureate or advanced degrees for a significant number of the Nation’s research scientists but that have not been major recipients of NIH support. The goals of the program are to (1) support meritorious research, (2) expose students to research, and (3) strengthen the research environment of the institution. Awards provide limited Direct Costs, plus applicable F&A costs, for periods not to exceed 36 months. This activity code uses multi-year funding authority; however, OER approval is NOT needed prior to an IC using this activity code.

Investigating Working Memory Encoding Using Frequency-Tagging of Evoked Response

@ University of Nevada Reno

2012 — 2016 Berryhill, Marian E
P20Activity Code Description:
To support planning for new programs, expansion or modification of existing resources, and feasibility studies to explore various approaches to the development of interdisciplinary programs that offer potential solutions to problems of special significance to the mission of the NIH. These exploratory studies may lead to specialized or comprehensive centers.

Project 1

@ University of Nevada Reno

2021 Berryhill, Marian E
Mathew, Dennis (co-PI) [⬀]
Weierich, Mariann R [⬀]
R25Activity Code Description:
For support to develop and/or implement a program as it relates to a category in one or more of the areas of education, information, training, technical assistance, coordination, or evaluation.

Bp-Endure At the University of Nevada

@ University of Nevada Reno