Gabriel A. De Erausquin, MD. PhD. - US grants

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, United States 

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High-probability grants

According to our matching algorithm, Gabriel A. De Erausquin is the likely recipient of the following grants.
Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2007 — 2013 De Erausquin, Gabriel Alejandro
K08Activity Code Description:
To provide the opportunity for promising medical scientists with demonstrated aptitude to develop into independent investigators, or for faculty members to pursue research aspects of categorical areas applicable to the awarding unit, and aid in filling the academic faculty gap in these shortage areas within health profession's institutions of the country.

Genetics of Parkinsonism in a Special Population of Untreated Schizophrenia

@ Washington University

2008 — 2009 De Erausquin, Gabriel Alejandro
R21Activity Code Description:
To encourage the development of new research activities in categorical program areas. (Support generally is restricted in level of support and in time.)

Investigation On the Movement Abnormalities &Genetics of Schizophrenia (Images)

@ University of South Florida

2015 — 2019 De Erausquin, Gabriel Alejandro
D43Activity Code Description:
To support research training programs for US and foreign professionals and students to strengthen global health research and international research collaboration.

Multidisciplinary Training Program On Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Disorders In

@ University of South Florida

2018 — 2019 De Erausquin, Gabriel Alejandro
P30Activity Code Description:
To support shared resources and facilities for categorical research by a number of investigators from different disciplines who provide a multidisciplinary approach to a joint research effort or from the same discipline who focus on a common research problem. The core grant is integrated with the center's component projects or program projects, though funded independently from them. This support, by providing more accessible resources, is expected to assure a greater productivity than from the separate projects and program projects.

Research Education Component Rio Grande Valley Ad-Rcmar

@ University of Texas Rio Grande Valley