Erika L. Nurmi, Ph.D. - US grants

2003 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 
Genetics, Neuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology

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High-probability grants

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Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2011 — 2014 Nurmi, Erika L
K23Activity Code Description:
To provide support for the career development of investigators who have made a commitment of focus their research endeavors on patient-oriented research. This mechanism provides support for a 3 year minimum up to 5 year period of supervised study and research for clinically trained professionals who have the potential to develop into productive, clinical investigators.

Next Generation Risk Variant Discovery in a Highly Penetrant Ocd Subtype

@ University of California Los Angeles

2017 — 2018 Nurmi, Erika L
R03Activity Code Description:
To provide research support specifically limited in time and amount for studies in categorical program areas. Small grants provide flexibility for initiating studies which are generally for preliminary short-term projects and are non-renewable.

Genetic Basis of Inhibitory Cognitive Control as a Dimensional Construct Spanning Psychiatric Illness

@ University of California Los Angeles

2019 — 2020 Nurmi, Erika L
R21Activity Code Description:
To encourage the development of new research activities in categorical program areas. (Support generally is restricted in level of support and in time.)

The Role of Bile Acid-Microbiome Cross-Talk in Psychotropic-Induced Weight Gain and Cardiometabolic Dysfunction

@ University of California Los Angeles