Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
mian caoPICK1,AMPAR trafficking Jun Xia (grad student)
Vic Chiang20172017 Nancy Y. Ip (research assistant)
Hei-Man Chow Division of Life Science2013 Karl Herrup (post-doc)
Amy Fu
Wing Y. FuNeuroscience Biology2002 Nancy Y. Ye (grad student)
Lin GengCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology2006 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
Cuiting GuoPhysiological Psychology, Ophthalmology hkust2014 Richard H. Yue So (grad student)
Yitan HanNeuroscience Biology
Yu Hu
Kenny K. K. ChungBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Chi Wai LeeSynaptogenesis20012005 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
Kendra E LiuNeurodevelopment, Synaptic & Circuit Pruning Life Science20162019 Karl Herrup (grad student)
Kai Liu Zhigang He (post-doc)
Li LuoScalable algorithms for solving PDEs, Parallel computing, Multi-phase flow Department of Mathematics20132017 Xiao-Ping Wang (grad student)
Jinjin MaGeneral Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology Biology2009 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
zhuo maoneuroscience Jun Xia (grad student)
Min MengNeuroscience Biology HKUST2010 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
Yueping QianMolecular Biology HKUST2008 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
Jaideep SenguptaMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Minhui SuNeuro-oncology; neuroimmunology Biochemistry20112013 Nancy Y. Ip (research assistant)
Honglei TianNMDA channels Jun Xia (grad student)
Anthony Hiu King TsangMetabolism, Circadian Rhythms Department of Biochemistry20062009 Kenny K. Chung (grad student)
Karl W. K. TsimAChE, neuromuscular junctions
Yuqi (Cosmos) Wang Biochemistry20132015 Kai Liu (research assistant)
James Christopher WestlandInnovation, Statistics, Information Technology, Valuation
Jeffrey Tze Fai WongrRNA synthetase, synthetic biology
Hovy Ho-Wai WongNeuroscience, Neural Wiring, Local Translation, Synaptic Plasticity, Synaptogenesis, Axon Maintenance Biochemistry Biochemistry20102012 Nancy Y. Ip (research assistant), Nancy Y. Ip (grad student)
Jun Xia
nan xiaoPICK1 and male infertility Jun Xia (grad student)
Dengfeng YanMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology HKUST2012 Jaideep Sengupta (grad student)
Yi YangMachine Learning
Nancy Y. YeNeuroscience Biology
Mulin YeGeneral Biology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology none provided2011 H. Benjamin Peng (grad student)
Chenglong YuNeuroscience LIFS Hyokeun Park (grad student)
Richard H. Yue SoPhysiological Psychology, Ophthalmology
Wenhao ZhangComputational neuroscience Physics Kwok Y. Michael Wong (research assistant)
Kan ZhuMS/MS data analysis