The University of Mississippi

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dereck D. BarrAccounting Business Administration, Information Technology Accountancy2014 Karl Wang (grad student)
Erick A. BourassaNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Pharmacology2008 Robert C. Speth (grad student)
Susan L. BroomExperimental Psychology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2002 Kenneth J. Sufka (grad student)
Sonje BurnhamEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education
Kimberly L. CarrollElementary Education, Sciences Education Curriculum and Instruction2011 Debby Chessin (grad student)
Debby ChessinCurriculum and Instruction Education, Administration Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education
Phillip CookerGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Grant C. CorserSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Carol Gohm (grad student)
S J. D'SurneyNeuroscience Biology, Ecology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Environmental Sciences
David J. DalskyPersonality Psychology, Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology2005 Carol Gohm (grad student)
Paul DealSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Erin B. DickersonMarketing Business Administration, Developmental Psychology2000 Faye W. Gilbert (grad student)
Chad Drake2008 Kelly G. Wilson (grad student)
Regina F. Eichelberger BoydCommunity College Education, Reading Education, Higher Education2010 Larry Hanshaw (grad student)
Matthew W. FeltensteinPhysiological Psychology, Pharmacology2004 Kenneth J. Sufka (grad student)
Heather L. FooteClinical Psychology Psychology, Clinical2013 Todd A. Smitherman (grad student)
Faye W. GilbertMarketing Business Administration, Developmental Psychology
Carol GohmSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Larry HanshawPedagogy Education, Educational Psychology Education, Middle School Education
Dana L. HartAccounting Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology Accountancy2012 Karl Wang (grad student)
Kolleen HurleyClinical Psychology, Law2006 Paul Deal (grad student)
Kristen A. HymelGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Psychology2013 Kenneth J. Sufka (grad student)
Kale E. KirklandPsychobiology Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychology, Clinical2011 Todd A. Smitherman (grad student)
E Mick KolassaPharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Health Care Management
Beth KuykendallEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2008 Jim Sullivan (grad student)
L. C. LambdinSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2004 Paul Deal (grad student)
Tom LombardoClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Sheila J. LoweryEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2002 Sonje Burnham (grad student)
Marilyn MendoliaCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology
Vanessa M. MorrowPedagogy Education, Educational Psychology Education, Middle School Education Curriculum and Instruction2011 Larry Hanshaw (grad student)
Stephanie NobleMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology
Kenji NoguchiSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2004 Carol Gohm (grad student)
Keith A. NolandClinical Psychology2004 Tom Lombardo (grad student)
Kristen V. ParisCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology, Experimental2012 Marilyn Mendolia (grad student)
Stephanie P. PepperElementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2007 Debby Chessin (grad student)
Nicolaas PrinsCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Brian C. ReisetterPharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Health Care Management2002 E Mick Kolassa (grad student)
John T. RoachPhysiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Kenneth J. Sufka (grad student)
Pushpa SahuNeuroscience Biology, Ecology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Environmental Sciences2004 S J. D'Surney (grad student)
Todd A. SmithermanPsychobiology Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Robert C. SpethNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Pharmacology
Joye H. SteenGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2004 Phillip Cooker (grad student)
Kurt D. StreeterCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology Psychology, Experimental2014 Nicolaas Prins (grad student)
Kenneth J. SufkaGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Jim SullivanEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education
Beverly T. VenableMarketing Business Administration, Personality Psychology2001 Faye W. Gilbert (grad student)
Karl WangAccounting Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Linda E. WinfieldToxicology, Environmental Sciences2001 S J. D'Surney (grad student)
Jack L. WinsteadAccounting Business Administration, Multimedia Communications Accountancy2013 Karl Wang (grad student)
Larry YagerCurriculum and Instruction Education, Administration Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education2008 Debby Chessin (grad student)