Saarland University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pratik BhandariNeurolinguistics, Cognitive aging, Electrophysiology, Research methods Department of Psychology Department of Language Science and Technology20182022 Jutta Kray (grad student), Vera Demberg (grad student)
Vera Demberg
Jutta Kray
Peter LippCardiovascular
Christian MayerNeurogenomics Ulrich Boehm (grad student)
Navin Kumar OjhaIon channels, patch-clamp electrophysiology, photometry, Neuroscience Center for Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine (CIPMM), Homburg Center for Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine (CIPMM), Homburg2019 Frank Zufall (post-doc), Trese Leinders-Zufall (post-doc)
Marco Pitterineuropsychology, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cognitive rehabilitation Department of Psychology20082008 Georg Kerkhoff (grad student)
Darren RhodesVisual System, Visual Working Memory, Visual Attention, Visual Filtering, ERP, fMRI, Memory
Sigrun Smola
Daniel J. StraussNeural Engineering
Carlos TrenadoComputational Neuroscience Daniel J. Strauss (grad student)
Artur Wnorowskipharmacology, cell signaling, adrenergic receptors, cancer Institute of Virology20102010 Sigrun Smola (grad student)