University of Strathclyde

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yousef M Abul-HaijaChemistry, Self-Assembly, Supramolecular Chemistry, Systems Chemistry, Bioinspired Chemistry, Peptides
Maria F. BragaNeuroscience Ian G. Marshall (grad student)
Trevor Bushell Graham L. Collingridge (grad student)
Stuart Cain Trevor Bushell (grad student)
Bernard A. Conway Hans Hultborn (post-doc)
Jian GanNeurophysiology20062009 Trevor Bushell (grad student)
Alasdair J. GibbIon channels Ian G. Marshall (grad student)
Sam Matthew GreenwoodNeurotoxicity Trevor Bushell (post-doc)
Peter Halling
Joseph Curtis Jackson Daniel Robert (grad student)
Heba Lakany
Graham Lee20092013 Judith A. Pratt (grad student)
Daniel LyngholmVisual System, Circuit Formation Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science20152018 Shuzo Sakata (post-doc)
Ian G. MarshallNeuromuscular Junction
Bahman NasseroleslamiNeural Control of Human Movement, Motor Neurophysiology, Motor Pathophysiology20082011 Bernard A. Conway (grad student), Heba Lakany (grad student)
Jamie A. O'Reilly2017 Bernard A. Conway (grad student)
Judith A. Pratt
Rajeev ShresthaNeurodegeneration and neuroprotection20082011 Trevor Bushell (grad student)
Rein Ulijn Pure and Applied Chemistry Peter Halling (grad student)
Graeme M WestIntelligent Systems, AI, Nuclear, Condition Monitoring, Instrumentation and Control
James Windmill Daniel Robert (post-doc)