Brain and Spine institute (ICM), Paris

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pierre M. Dayeeye-head coordination, bottom-up modeling approach2013 Pierre Pouget (post-doc)
Charles William Dickeycortical development, sensorimotor integration, sleep, memory consolidation, microelectrode recordings20142015 Claire Julie Wyart (research assistant)
Adna S. Dumitrescusystems neuroscience
Marine Euvrard2017 Eric Burguiere (grad student)
Lasne GabrielVisual system2012 Pierre Pouget (grad student)
Jeffrey M. HubbardSynaptic physiology, neural circuits2013 Claire Julie Wyart (post-doc)
Jean LorenceauVisual perception, ambiguous figures, bistability, eye movements19871992 Andrei Gorea (grad student)
Matthew J. NelsonNeurolinguistics, Biophysics and Electrophysiology Pierre Pouget (grad student)
Lindsay JH Rondot2016 Philippe JD Domenech (grad student)
Christiane Schreiweis
Kristen E. Severi2012 Claire Julie Wyart (post-doc)
Jacobo Diego SittNeuroscience2010 Lionel Naccache (post-doc)
Pauline H Smithbehavior, addiction20152018 Karim N'Diaye (grad student), Luc Mallet (grad student)
Claire Julie WyartOlfaction- Light Activated Channels