University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Reid Alisch
Edward L. Bartlettauditory neuroscience, medial geniculate, inferior colliculus, auditory cortex Philip H. Smith (grad student)
Anil Kiran ChokkallaEpitranscriptomics, Cerebral Ischemia
Timothy GomezMolecular mechanisms that regulate growth cone motility and guidance Anatomy19891995 Paul C. Letourneau (grad student)
Ahmad OzairGlobal Neurosurgery, neuroscience education Department of Neurological Surgery Reid Alisch (research assistant)
Maia Pujara Psychiatry20112016 Michael R. Koenigs (grad student)
Paul A. RuteckiEpilepsy
Julie Stamm
Leonid Tyanphysiology, electrophysiology
Yong Zhou Medical Physics and Radiology19981999 Richard Frayne (post-doc)