Davd Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Oluwole O. AwosikaNeurorehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke IDDRC Araceli Espinosa-Jeffrey (research assistant)
Araceli Espinosa-JeffreyOligodendrocytes, myelination and myelin repair
Leila Glass
Jorge A Larriva-SahdBrain structure Anatomy19821987 Roger A. Gorski (grad student)
Songlin LiNeural repair after CNS injury
John OhabNeuroscience
Nicholas D. OlivasCortical Circuit Mapping, Cortical Plasticity Joshua Trachtenberg (post-doc)
Se-Bum PaikVisual System Dario L. Ringach (post-doc)
Franziska Richter Neurology and Neurobiology Marie-Francoise Chesselet (post-doc)
Ronald R. SeeseLearning and memory, autism20042007 Rochelle Caplan (research assistant)
Suzanne C. SegerstromClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology Norman Cousins Center19911997 George Freeman Solomon (grad student)
George Freeman Solomon