Baylor College of Medicine/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yousuf O. AliNeurodegenerative Disease, Synapse Maintenance Hui-Chen Lu (post-doc)
Amy L. Brewster Anne E. Anderson (grad student)
Ali Chahrour Rodney Samaco (research assistant)
Hsiao-Tuan Chao Molecular and Human Genetics2015 Hugo J. Bellen (post-doc)
Xiaoyun DingGlial Development Pediatrics and Neuroscience2016 Hyun Kyoung Lee (grad student)
Paul C. MarcoglieseParkinson's disease models Mole. and Human Genetics2016 Hugo J. Bellen (post-doc)
Denae Nash Rodney Samaco (post-doc)
Jessica Nosavanh Rodney Samaco (research assistant)
Rodney Samaco2006 Christopher Ward (collaborator)
Helen Vanderpool Rodney Samaco (research assistant)