The University of Toledo

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Valerie E. AlloyClinical Psychology, Mental Health2001 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Harvard ArmusBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Experimental Psychology
John Frederick Beckorganometallics Chemistry20062011 Joseph A. R. Schmidt (grad student)
Christie BerginEducational Psychology Education, Special Education, Neuroscience Biology, Human Development
David A. BerginEducational Psychology Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Behavioral Psychology
Sumit BhattacharyaNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, Pharmacology College of Medicine2012 David R. Giovannucci (grad student)
Tracey L. Biehn Psychology2014 Jon D. Elhai (grad student)
William D. BillowsClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Megan N. BodineClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2013 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
George BombelPsychometrics Psychology2009 Joni L. Mihura (grad student)
Aaron BreedloveClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Jeanne BrockmyerClinical Psychology, General Psychology
Jason J. BrouwerClinical Psychology, General Psychology Psychology2010 Jeanne Brockmyer (grad student)
Wesley BullockClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Kimberly M. BurkhartClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Jeanne Brockmyer (grad student)
Cheryl A. Chase-CarmichaelClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Walter F. McKeever (grad student)
Christina N. ChinDevelopmental Psychology, Public Health Psychology2011 Jeanne Brockmyer (grad student)
Daniel P. ComporaCurriculum and Instruction Education, Technology of Education, Administration Education2000 Franklin R. Koontz (grad student)
Rhiannon W. CondonDevelopmental Psychology, Counseling Psychology College of Health Science and Human Service2012 Kaltheen Salyers (grad student)
Charlotte S. DabbsGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2005 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Alonzo DeCarloDevelopmental Psychology, Black Studies2000 Peg Hull-Smith (grad student)
Han-Fei DingNeuroscience Biology
Nicolae DumitrascuClinical Psychology College of Arts and Sciences2011 Joni L. Mihura (grad student)
Paula DupuyClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Laura J. ExtejtHuman Development, Educational Psychology Education2006 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Adriana FaurClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2007 Mojisola F. Tiamiyu (grad student)
Rebecca FischerClinical Psychology2009 Laura Seligman (grad student)
Mary E. FleckIndustrial Education2002 Franklin R. Koontz (grad student)
Geysa T. FloresClinical Psychology2002 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Anne L. FulkersonDevelopmental Psychology2000 Robert A. Haaf (grad student)
Danette GibbsClinical Psychology Psychology2010 Joseph Hovey (grad student)
David R. GiovannucciNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, Pharmacology
Erin M. GuellClinical Psychology2010 Gregory J. Meyer (grad student)
Rebecca L. GurneyExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2008 Harvard Armus (grad student)
Robert A. HaafDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Ian A. Harringtonauditory system19972002 Henry E. Heffner (grad student)
Joseph HoveyClinical Psychology
Peg Hull-SmithCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Julie M. HuppDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2003 Robert A. Haaf (grad student)
Danelle R. HuppClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2011 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Kate L. JansenClinical Psychology Psychology2010 Joseph Hovey (grad student)
Selwyn S. Jayakarnicotinic receptors, neuropeptides College of Medicine2009 Joseph F. Margiotta (grad student)
Jenny L. JellisonEducational Psychology Education, Behavioral Psychology2005 Harvard Armus (grad student)
Darren R. JonesClinical Psychology, General Psychology, Higher Education Psychology2010 Mojisola F. Tiamiyu (grad student)
Nicholas J. KatkoClinical Psychology, Public Health Psychology2010 Gregory J. Meyer (grad student)
Aaron KelloggMedicine and Surgery, Neuroscience Biology2008 Rodica Pop-Busui (grad student)
Prachi KeneClinical Psychology Psychology2010 Joseph Hovey (grad student)
Kristin Kirschbaumcrystallography
Melissa J. KleinClinical Psychology2005 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Michele KnoxClinical Psychology, General Psychology
Franklin R. KoontzEducational Psychology Education, Design and Decorative Arts, Tests and Measurements Education, Art Education
Melissa K. LanzaMental Health, Behavioral Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2007 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Hongqin LiTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2003 Franklin R. Koontz (grad student)
Gayle H. MacBrideClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2004 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Evan S. McBroomGeneral Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2013 Jeanne Brockmyer (grad student)
Walter F. McKeeverClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Gregory J. MeyerClinical Psychology, Personality Assessment and Psychometrics
Joni L. MihuraClinical Psychology
Catherine M. MingeeBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Experimental Psychology Psychology2012 Harvard Armus (grad student)
Jeffry L. MoeGuidance and Counseling Education, Gender Studies, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology2007 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Gunes T. OzbeyClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Diane L. ParfittGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2004 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Rhea D. PartykaClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2004 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Lisa A. Paul-BramerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Rodica Pop-BusuiMedicine and Surgery, Neuroscience Biology
Phyllis C. PughNeurobiology, Behavior, Neuropeptides, Nicotinic receptors20032008 Joseph F. Margiotta (post-doc), Joseph F. Margiotta (collaborator)
Heather M. RasinskiGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology
Kaltheen SalyersDevelopmental Psychology, Counseling Psychology
Jackie L. SchimmingClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2000 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Patricia K. SchmakelEducational Psychology Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Behavioral Psychology2000 David A. Bergin (grad student)
Tami L. SchultzEducational Psychology Education, Design and Decorative Arts, Tests and Measurements Education, Art Education2001 Franklin R. Koontz (grad student)
Laura SeligmanClinical Psychology
Mark D. SkopinTraumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, and Sleep Bioengineering20052011 Scott C. Molitor (grad student)
Gretchen E. SquiresGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Recreation2005 Paula Dupuy (grad student)
Xiangqing SunTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Information Science2001 Franklin R. Koontz (grad student)
Andria M. ThomasClinical Psychology2000 Joni L. Mihura (grad student)
Mojisola F. TiamiyuClinical Psychology, General Psychology, Higher Education
Mingjie TongAuditory system, ion channel physiology2005 Scott C. Molitor (grad student)
Janice M. VidicDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2001 Robert A. Haaf (grad student)
Melanie A. WarnkeGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Cynthia C. WeddleClinical Psychology2002 Wesley Bullock (grad student)
Jeannette M. WhitmoreCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Peg Hull-Smith (grad student)
Janis G. WoodworthClinical Psychology, Surgery
Stephanie A. ZaleskiClinical Psychology, Surgery Psychology2010 Jeanne Brockmyer (grad student)