University of Tulsa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
M. E. AscalonIndustrial Psychology2004 Deidra J. Schleicher (grad student)
Noelle E. BalliettClinical Psychology, Military Studies Psychology2012 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Gregory A. BarnettIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Robert Tett (grad student)
Emily J. BartleyClinical Psychology, Endocrinology Biology, Psychobiology Psychology Clinical Psychology2012 Jamie L. Rhudy (grad student)
Michael R. BassoClinical Psychology, General Psychology
Brandon C. BaughmanClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology2008 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Jennifer M. BentonClinical Psychology2005 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Judy BerryClinical Psychology, Public Health
Cameo F. BorntragerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2006 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Teri L. BourdeauClinical Psychology, Public Health2004 Eric L. Daleiden (grad student)
Thomas J. BrianClinical Psychology, Pharmacology, Mental Health
Charles R. Brown
Dawn D. BurnettIndustrial Psychology2004 Robert Tett (grad student)
Christina M. CantrellClinical Psychology2008 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Mary E. CardoniClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Personality Psychology2009 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Francine D. CaronaClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2004 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Samina R. ChristopherClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Elana Newman (grad student)
Ashley N. Clausen Laureate Institute for Brain Research2017 Robin L. Aupperle (grad student)
Christina R. CriswellGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology, Industrial Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology2013 Robert Tett (grad student)
Matthew D. Crowley Clinical Psychology2018 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Eric L. DaleidenTests and Measurements Education, Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Joanne DavisClinical Psychology, Military Studies
Steven L. DeBoisTests and Measurements Education, Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Eric L. Daleiden (grad student)
Paul D. DeKoekkoekIndustrial Psychology2000 Robert Hansson (grad student)
Jennifer L. DelVenturaClinical Psychology, Neuroscience Biology Clinical Psychology2014 Jamie L. Rhudy (grad student)
Rebekah L. FarrarClinical Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education2005 Judy Berry (grad student)
Shantel N. FernandezClinical Psychology2008 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Jacob A. FinnClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Norene W. GayClinical Psychology2003 Elana Newman (grad student)
Courtney M. GhormleyClinical Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2004 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Paul C. GlasierClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Kristen N. Gray
Robert HanssonIndustrial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Allan R. HarknessClinical Psychology
Tracy L. HarringtonClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 Elana Newman (grad student)
Dalibor K. HegerIndustrial Psychology2007 Robert Tett (grad student)
Charmaine K. HigaClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2004 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Sonia D. HochermanPersonality Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2010 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Narissa R. HutchinsonClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology2010 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Rebecca E. IsaacsClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Biochemistry2010 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
James H. KillianIndustrial Psychology, Gerontology, Developmental Psychology2005 Robert Hansson (grad student)
Jane N. KurekClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Physiological Psychology2000 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Tera J. LangstonClinical Psychology2007 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Sumer N. LedetClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2009 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Pawel LewickiCognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Paul LewickiCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Brandi D. LilesClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Clinical Psychology2013 Elana Newman (grad student)
Lincoln Lim Kean AikClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology Clinical Psychology2013 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Michael J. LimasIndustrial Psychology2004 Robert Hansson (grad student)
Natasha G. LoweryClinical Psychology2002 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Weili LuClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Eric L. Daleiden (grad student)
Melissa A. MatsonClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Lara M. MattoxClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Klanci M. McCabePhysiological Psychology2009 Jamie L. Rhudy (grad student)
Victoria L. McCoyClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Journalism, Modern Language, Criminology and Penology2004 Elana Newman (grad student)
Mary L. MihelichClinical Psychology2000 Elana Newman (grad student)
Mariah N Morelandevolution, genetics, neuroscience, biochemistry, biology, C. elegans, CRISPR
Anupama NarayanIndustrial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Amelia NelsonClinical Psychology2011 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Summer D. NelsonClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology2013 Elana Newman (grad student)
Elana NewmanClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Valerie A. O'BrienEcology Biology, Virology Biology2009 Charles R. Brown (grad student)
Mathian A. OsickiIndustrial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2002 Pawel Lewicki (grad student)
Kathryn M. PackellGeneral Psychology, Industrial Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology2013 Anupama Narayan (grad student)
Meredith D. Pearson Child Clinical Psychology2016 Joanna O. Shadlow (grad student)
Hannah E. PenningtonDevelopmental Psychology2010 Elana Newman (grad student)
Kristi M. PruiksmaClinical Psychology2011 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Caroline M. PyevichClinical Psychology, Journalism, Industrial Psychology2002 Elana Newman (grad student)
Shannon M. ReynoldsGeneral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Clinical Psychology2013 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Jamie L. Rhudy
Alyssa E. RippyClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2007 Elana Newman (grad student)
Elizabeth C. RischClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2008 Elana Newman (grad student)
Sean M. RobsonIndustrial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Gerontology2000 Robert Hansson (grad student)
Jennifer L. RussellClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2009 Jamie L. Rhudy (grad student)
Amy N. SalvaggioIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology
Deidra J. SchleicherIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Christiane N. SchneiderClinical Psychology2007 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Susan M. ShieldsClinical Psychology2011 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Ho-Chul ShinIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Robert Tett (grad student)
Daniel V. SimonetCognitive Psychology, Management Business Administration, Organizational, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology2014 Robert Tett (grad student)
Johna K. SmasalClinical Psychology2006 Joanne Davis (grad student)
River J. SmithClinical Psychology, Journalism, Industrial Psychology2008 Elana Newman (grad student)
Patricia C. StemClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2011 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Michelle StreichIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology2006 Amy N. Salvaggio (grad student)
Sarah A. StrupeckIndustrial Psychology2004 Deidra J. Schleicher (grad student)
Rachael M. SwopesClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies Clinical Psychology2013 Joanne Davis (grad student)
Robert TettGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Joshua A. TiegreenPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology2009 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Sara B. TiegreenClinical Psychology2009 Elana Newman (grad student)
Matthew B. Toomey20112016 Joseph C. Corbo (post-doc)
David G. VequistCognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2001 Pawel Lewicki (grad student)
Pamela A. VroomanClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Taeh A. WardClinical Psychology, General Psychology Clinical Psychology2013 Michael R. Basso (grad student)
Amy E. Williams2008 Jamie L. Rhudy (grad student)
Lauren Winston Clinical Psychology Joanna O. Shadlow (grad student)
Kate S. WitheridgeClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, General Religion2010 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)
Joseph S. ZonnoClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2003 Allan R. Harkness (grad student)