Montana State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Richard McAllister Computer Science2020 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
Wesley C. Lyncheating and weight disorders, learning, motivation Frank A. Logan (grad student)
Deborah A. JacobsenAdministration Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Duane Melling (grad student)
Rachel M. Zarndtnonhuman primate, vision, neural networking
Branden Ray Nelson2002 Frances Lefcort (grad student)
Logan Perreault2017 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
liu cong hui"emotion, language"1998 Alex M. Babcock (grad student)
Cheng-Yu HsiehTeacher Training Education2000 Duane Melling (grad student)
Frances Lefcort
Jennifer Caroline Kasemeier-Kulesa2005 Frances Lefcort (grad student)
Terry D. BentleyAdministration Education2000 Duane Melling (grad student)
Liessman Sturlaugson Computer Science2014 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
Anne C. RusoffVision, visual development
Shawn Patrick Hurley2006 Frances Lefcort (grad student)
James A. Mazervisual system
Hasari Tosun Computer Science2016 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
Keith A. HutchisonAttention and Memory
Miranda Ethel Orr Cell Biology and Neuroscience2012 Frances Lefcort (grad student)
Shane Strasser Computer Science2017 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
John P. MillerSystems
Jessi L. SmithSocial psychology, intrinsic motivation, stereotype threat
Haley Ann Dunkel Cell Biology and Neuroscience2014 Frances Lefcort (grad student)
Adam James ThuenVisual System Cell Biology and Neuroscience2017 James A. Mazer (grad student)
Zach ShipsteadCognition Keith A. Hutchison (grad student)
Michelle L. Meadememory, aging
Steven Joseph Hoffman Charles Marshall Gray (grad student)
Charles Marshall GrayVisual System, Cortical Physiology
Drago Guggianamolecular neuroscience
Michael WehrAuditory Cortex Charles Marshall Gray (post-doc)
Patrick R. Secorgenetically encoded sensors, retina Cell Biology and Neuroscience2011 Thomas E. Hughes (grad student)
Robert PattersonVisual system
Gwen JacobsSystems
Susy C. Kohout
Roger BradleyNeuroscience
Thomas E. Hughesgenetically encoded sensors, retina
Alex M. BabcockBehavioral Neuroscience, Physiological Psychology, Psychology
Judy BononiNeuroscience Cell Biology and Neuroscience2007 Roger Bradley (grad student)
Patrick Donnelly Computer Science2015 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
Ross SniderAuditory and Visual Neuroscience
Jonathan Lee Baker Cell Biology and Neuroscience2013 Charles Marshall Gray (grad student)
Duane MellingAdministration Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education
Nathan Fortier Computer Science2015 John W. Sheppard (grad student)
Laurence Berger
Nicholas Monroe Dotson Cell Biology and Neuroscience2014 Charles Marshall Gray (grad student)
John Benderneuroethology19982001 John P. Miller (research assistant)
Zane N. AldworthNeural Coding Cell Biology and Neuroscience20002007 John P. Miller (grad student)
Jonas L. Mulder-RosiCricket cercal system2005 John P. Miller (grad student)
Kristina M. Rand20072009 Keith A. Hutchison (grad student)
April Johnston20072009 Charles Marshall Gray (research assistant)
RENEE ORIEFrontal Eye Field, Attention,V4,IT2013 Behrad Noudoost (research assistant)
Lauren M Barnettprotein engineering, genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors, fluorescent proteins Neuroscience20132017 Thomas E. Hughes (grad student)
Anja KunzeNeuroengineering, Cortical neurons, Tauopathies, ALS, Nanoparticles
Merrilee Thomas Neuroscience20172020 Thomas E. Hughes (grad student)