University of Arizona College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tanessa Call Deveroux Ferguson (research assistant)
Deveroux FergusonEpigenetics, Stress, Addiction, Transcription
Gregory L. Gerdemanneuropharmacology, cannabinoids Pharmacology/Neuroscience20002002 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Hee-Dae KimSIRT1, Stress, Epigenetics, CRISPR, Deveroux Ferguson (post-doc)
Samantha Magazu Deveroux Ferguson (research assistant)
Karen S. MarkNeuropharmacology; neurovascular systems; inflammation Pharmacology19992003 Thomas P. Davis (post-doc)
Matthew D. McEchronNeural networks of learning & memory; Nutrition and hippocampal development, hippocampus, iron, electrophysiology