NASA Ames Research Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kevin R. BrooksVision, Psychophysics20002003 Leland S. Stone (post-doc)
Ken Caluwaerts20102010 Mehdi Khamassi (research assistant)
Stephen Michael CasnerCognitive Science
Kevin B. ClarkLearning and Memory, Perception, Decision Making, Neuroprosthetics, Drug Design and Repurposing, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuromodulation, Synaptic Plasticity, Cellular Response Regulation, Quantum Biochemistry
Collin GreenHuman Performance, HCI20042005 Alonso Vera (collaborator), James C. Johnston (post-doc)
James C. Johnston
Mary K. KaiserCognition, Perception, and Action
Anton E. KrukowskiVision, Pursuit Eye Movements, Auditory Localisation20002003 Leland S. Stone (post-doc)
Li Lioptic flow, motor control Leland S. Stone (post-doc)
Jesus Malomodels of low-level human vision20002001 Andrew B. Watson (post-doc)
Michael K. McBeathPerception and Action19901992 Mary K. Kaiser (post-doc)
Cynthia Hansson NullQuantitative Psychology
Ruth RosenholtzVisual system Andrew B. Watson (post-doc)
Stuart T. SmithVision, Vestibular System20002002 Leland S. Stone (post-doc)
Joshua A. SolomonVisual perception, modeling19951996 Andrew B. Watson (post-doc)
Leland S. Stone
Joseph C. ToscanoSpeech perception, Spoken word recognition, ERPs, Eye movements, Computational modeling20042004 Leland S. Stone (research assistant)
Alonso Vera
Norman W WeissmanHealth Services Research, Biosciences, Space Biology, Physiological Psychology Bioscience Biosciences19661967 Thom Verhave (collaborator), Emanuel Donchin (collaborator), Harold Paul Klein (post-doc)
Shu-Chieh WuHuman Factors, Human Attention, Eye Movements20002003 Roger W. Remington (post-doc)