University of St. Andrews

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Linda Anderson Robert Pitman (grad student)
Rebecka Björnfors Keith Sillar (research assistant)
Eric M. Bowmandopamine, single neuron recording, neurphysiology, learning, reward
Simon Buttcortical interneurons development physiology19962000 Robert Pitman (grad student)
Rebecca Jayne ChapmanSpinal cord, Nociception Keith Sillar (grad student)
Stephen P. CurrieSpinal control of locomotion20092013 Keith Sillar (grad student)
Anna-Claire Devlinelectrophysiology, motor neurons, ALS, iPS cells
G. Adrian HorridgeInsect vision
Richard Hudson G. Adrian Horridge (grad student)
Jonathan Issberner
Dave I Perrett
Robert Pitmaninsect neurotransmission
David Sandeman1961 G. Adrian Horridge (grad student)
John Scholes1961 G. Adrian Horridge (grad student)
Simon A. SharplesMotor Control, Neurophysiology
Steve Shaw1962 G. Adrian Horridge (grad student)
Keith SillarSpinal cord, locomotion20072010 William J. Heitler (grad student), R Meldrum Robertson (collaborator)
John Tunstall G. Adrian Horridge (grad student)