The University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Brian L. Allmanauditory system2004 Charles L. Rice (grad student)
Tamara L. ArmstrongClinical Psychology2002 Leora Swartzman (grad student)
Heidi N. BaileyClinical Psychology2003 Greg Moran (grad student)
Kelly D. BennCognitive Psychology2001 R W. J. Neufeld (grad student)
Kathleen BoiesIndustrial Psychology2003 Jane M. Howell (grad student)
Albert V. CarronBehavioral Psychology, Physical Education
Daniel G. ChateauCognitive Psychology2001 Debra Jared (grad student)
Kimberley A. ClowSocial Psychology2003 Victoria M. Esses (grad student)
Jason Connolly2004 Melvyn A. Goodale (grad student)
Lisa L. CookNeuroscience Biology2004 Stephen J. Karlik (grad student)
Jennifer L. CummingGeneral Psychology, Recreation2002 Craig R. Hall (grad student)
Michael R W DawsonFoundations of cognitive science, artificial neural networks Albert Katz (grad student)
Peter J. DennyCognitive Psychology
Carey A. DeOliveiraClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2001 Greg Moran (grad student)
Lisa M. DestunClinical Psychology2000 Nicholas Kuiper (grad student)
Philip Doyle
Tanya L. Eadie2003 Philip Doyle (grad student)
Christopher G. EngelandNeuroscience Biology2002 Klaus-Peter Ossenkopp (grad student)
Victoria M. EssesSocial Psychology
Mark A. EysSocial Psychology2004 Albert V. Carron (grad student)
Harold FiskeIndustrial Psychology
Kimberley L. GammageRecreation, Personality Psychology2001 Craig R. Hall (grad student)
Cezar Gavrilovici
Adrian GelbNeuroscience Biology
Richard GoffinIndustrial Psychology
Craig R. HallRecreation, Personality Psychology
Richard HarshmanPsychometrics Psychology
Björn Herrmann Department of Psychology Ingrid S. Johnsrude (post-doc)
Riley E. HinsonClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Sungjin HongPsychometrics Psychology2002 Richard Harshman (grad student)
Jane M. HowellIndustrial Psychology
R W. J. NeufeldCognitive Psychology
Thomas W. Jamesmultisensory perception19972001 Melvyn A. Goodale (grad student)
Karin Harman JamesObject recognition, neuroimaging, action, development19962002 G. Keith Humphrey (grad student)
Debra JaredCognitive Psychology
R. B. JelleyIndustrial Psychology2004 Richard Goffin (grad student)
Jennifer L. JetteClinical Psychology2004 R W. J. Neufeld (grad student)
Stephen J. KarlikNeuroscience Biology
Albert KatzCognitive Psychology
Clifford S. Klein2002 Charles L. Rice (grad student)
Erin V. KnudsenCognitive Psychology, Reading Education2002 Debra Jared (grad student)
Henryk T. KrajewskiIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Richard Goffin (grad student)
Nick KuiperClinical Psychology
Nicholas KuiperClinical Psychology
Julie M. McCarthyIndustrial Psychology2003 Richard Goffin (grad student)
Ann J. McDermidClinical Psychology2001 Gary Rollman (grad student)
Greg MoranClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology
K Murphy Michael Peters (grad student)
Harry MurrayCognitive Psychology, Higher Education, Tests and Measurements Education
Chakravarthi NarlaStress, Epilepsy, Traumatic brain injury
Christian NausNeuroscience Biology
Chantell E. NichollsIndustrial Psychology2000 Mitchell Rothstein (grad student)
Elizabeth A. NowickiDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2002 R Sandieson (grad student)
Mark A. OzogNeuroscience Biology2003 Christian Naus (grad student)
Sampo V. PaunonenPsychometrics Psychology
Robert D. RenaudCognitive Psychology, Higher Education, Tests and Measurements Education2002 Harry Murray (grad student)
Charles L. Rice Brenda Bigland-Ritchie (post-doc)
Susan C. RodgerGeneral Psychology, Teacher Training Education2001 Harry Murray (grad student)
Gary RollmanClinical Psychology
Laura G. RosenOpiate addiction, reward learning, behavioural pharmacology
Mitchell RothsteinIndustrial Psychology
R SandiesonDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Jorge M. SerradorNeuroscience Biology2000 Adrian Gelb (grad student)
Leora SwartzmanClinical Psychology
Kathy A. WinterClinical Psychology2000 Nick Kuiper (grad student)
Samar ZebianCognitive Psychology2001 Peter J. Denny (grad student)