Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bryant B.H.Hui
Prodip Bose L L. Vacca-Galloway (grad student)
William G. HaywardVisual Cognition
Janet Hsiao
Edmund Y. Lamimaging
Chi Wai LeeSynaptogenesis
Hon-Cheung LeeCell transduction
Tatia M.C. LeeCognitive Regulation, Neuroplasticity, Ageing, Emotion
Suet Yi Leung
Tina Tong Liu20112013 William G. Hayward (grad student)
Grainne McAlonanCognitive Neuroscience
L L. Vacca-Galloway
Jun Wang Edmund Y. Lam (grad student)
Thomas M. Wong
Lee Young-Limshape perception, visually guided reaching
Kenneth S.L. YuenEmotion processing, Pattern classification, neuropsychology20002007 Tatia M.C. Lee (grad student)
Mintao ZhaoSpatial Cognition and Navigation, Face Perception and Recognition William G. Hayward (post-doc)