Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Brady K. AtwoodCannabinoids2011 David M. Lovinger (post-doc)
Sandra A. BrownClinical psychology, neuropsychology Mark S. Goldman (grad student)
John M. Burkhardtbasal ganglia, oscillatory activity2008 Rui M. Costa (post-doc)
Vania CaoNeuroscience Rui M. Costa (grad student)
Nicole (Capik) Crowleyex vivo electrophysiology, systems neuroscience and behavioral health David M. Lovinger (grad student), Veronica A. Alvarez (research assistant)
Guohong Cuidopamine2009 Rui M. Costa (post-doc), David M. Lovinger (post-doc)
Daniel W. FisherAgining in the Brain20102011 Andrew Holmes (research assistant)
Hannah C. Goldbach2021 Veronica A. Alvarez (grad student)
Mark S. Goldman
Christina M. Gremel Rui M. Costa (post-doc)
Andrew Holmes Jacqueline Crawley (post-doc)
Stephen R. Ikeda Forrest F. Weight (post-doc)
Alicia IzquierdoNeural basis of reward learning and decision making Andrew Holmes (post-doc)
Kari A. Johnson David M. Lovinger (post-doc)
Alanna R. Kaplan20112013 Veronica A. Alvarez (research assistant)
Andrew J. KesnerNeurocircuitry of motivation, reward, aversion, addiction Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience2019 David M. Lovinger (post-doc)
Adrine Kocharianneuroscience, decision making
Paul F. KramerCellular Neurophysiology2009 Veronica A. Alvarez (research assistant)
David A. KupferschmidtNeuroplasticity, Endocannabinoids, Addiction, Stress20122017 David M. Lovinger (post-doc)
Lorenzo Leggio
David M. LovingerAlcohol neurobiology Forrest F. Weight (post-doc)
Anna K. Radkeemotion and motivation, addiction, anxiety2012 Andrew Holmes (post-doc)
J. Elliott RobinsonBehavioral pharmacology, autism, alcohol20072008 Markus Heilig (research assistant)
Christopher Thaler Steven S. Vogel (post-doc)
Mark V. WilcoxNeuronal Structure, Alcohol Abuse2011 Veronica A. Alvarez (research assistant)