University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert W. GracyNeuroscience Biology, Pathology
Maria M. Montiel-CarbajalPublic Health2006 Sue Lurie (grad student)
George KingNeuroscience Biology
Lorie A. GonzalezPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2009 Glenn H. Dillon (grad student)
Atul M. Raut2007 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Martha E. StokelyNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2002 Thomas Yorio (grad student)
Neeraj AgarwalCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacology
S Dan DimitrijevichNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Dorothy BudziPublic Health2007 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Glenn H. DillonPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology
Meharvan SinghNeuroscience Biology
Wenjun Li Pharmacology and Neuroscience2013 Shaohua Yang (grad student)
Santosh NarayanPharmacology, Cell Biology, Ophthalmology2003 Thomas Yorio (grad student)
Darrel S. KruegerCell Biology2002 Neeraj Agarwal (grad student)
Joungil ChoiNeuroscience Biology, Pathology2002 Robert W. Gracy (grad student)
Lauralee HarrisPublic Health, Mental Health2007 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Stephen A. StoffelPharmacology, Mental Health2000 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Paramjit KaurPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2006 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Kun Don Yi2007 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Donald R. DaudtPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2011 Thomas Yorio (grad student)
Domalapalli M. KumarCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2007 Neeraj Agarwal (grad student)
Jami R. KernMolecular Biology, Medicine and Surgery, Animal Physiology Biology2002 S Dan Dimitrijevich (grad student)
Elham R. KouroshPublic Health, Health Education2008 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Shelley R. McDonaldNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2004 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Shaun M. Logan Pharmacology and Neuroscience2009 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Joshua W. GatsonNeuroscience Biology2007 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Tina K. MachuMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology
Lauren M. Currie-ElolfNutrition, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2011 Nathalie Sumien (grad student)
Lei Wang
Ritu A. ShettyNeuroscience Biology2007 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Akiko DohiNeuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2009 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Andreia N. de Oliveira-PierceMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology Biomedical Sciences2009 Tina K. Machu (grad student)
Michael F. Salvatore
Shaohua YangNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Medicine and Surgery2004 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Conner D. ReynoldsNeurodevelopmental disorders, Epilepsy, Autism, Fragile X Syndrome, Neurodegenerative disorders, Ultrasonic vocalizations
Monica JenschkeNeuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2009 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Adrienne M. BadeauxNeuroscience Biology, Oncology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2011 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Sue LuriePublic Health, Health Care Management, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Peter KoulenNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Amanda E. YuNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Medicine and Surgery Neurobiology of Aging2012 Shaohua Yang (grad student)
Craig HilburnNeuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2009 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Niki M. BahraniPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2011 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Ethan C. PoteetPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2012 Shaohua Yang (grad student)
Charles MegoHealth Care Management, Public Health2003 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Sung-Yong HwangPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2006 Peter Koulen (grad student)
Uzoma S. IkonneAging, Neuroscience Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2012 Michael J. Forster (grad student)
Steven Mifflin
Courtney A. BrockNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2012 Meharvan Singh (grad student)
Robert LuedtkeNeuroscience Biology
Alberto Coustasse-HenckePublic Health, Health Care Management, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2004 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Raymond S. DuncanNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2008 Peter Koulen (grad student)
Mohammed I. DibasPharmacology2001 Glenn H. Dillon (grad student)
Yogesh MishraPharmacology Biomedical Sciences2012 Robert Luedtke (grad student)
Robert GalvanPublic Health, Veterinary Science Biology2004 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Michael J. ForsterNeuroscience Biology
Paromita DasPharmacology, Molecular Biology, General Biophysics2003 Glenn H. Dillon (grad student)
Debra L. Shade2000 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Thomas YorioPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology
Michael L. MoellerNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2003 S Dan Dimitrijevich (grad student)
Maninder MalikNeuroscience Biology Pharmacology and Neuroscience2014 Robert Luedtke (grad student)
Lynn G. BreauxPublic Health2005 Sue Lurie (grad student)
Anna RatkaNeuroscience Biology
Eric B. GonzalesPharmacology, General Biophysics2005 Glenn H. Dillon (grad student)
Paul Aoun2004 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Nathalie SumienNutrition, Neuroscience Biology
Anupam A. SulePhysiology Biology, Cell Biology Integrative Physiology2010 S Dan Dimitrijevich (grad student)
James W. Simpkins
Brandon Scott Pruettschizophrenia20082012 Michael F. Salvatore (grad student)
Ella A KasangaParkinson's and aging
Denise M. Inman