Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jessica Ausbornneurobiology, sensorimotor, motor pattern generation, spinal cord, looming, escape circuits, brainstem, descending control, zebrafish, Drosophila, mouse, rat, cat20032007 Harald Wolf (grad student), Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Yolanda Lena BraunNeuroscience Institute of Neurobiology20122013 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Resham ChhabraSynaptopathies, ProSAPs/Shanks
Nelly Daurneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor20042009 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Florian Diehlcomputational neuroscience20072008 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Alexander Dietrich19921997 Peter Gierschek (post-doc)
Karin Dotzauerneurobiology, neuroethology, sensorimotor Harald Wolf (grad student)
Günter Ehretauditory system, sound communication, maternal behavior
Kristin Gebauer
Peter Gierschekendocrinology, metabolic diseases
Janna M. GottwaldMotor & Cognitive Development, Embodied Cognitive Science, Infancy20112012 Olga Pollatos (research scientist)
Thorsten HansenVision, Color, Modeling19972002 Heiko Neumann (grad student)
Ulrike Hedrichneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor Institute of Neurobiology20052011 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Stefanie Heigeleneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system20052007 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Raimund Jung Wolfgang Stein (research assistant)
Markus KieferCognitive electrophysiology
Rumyana KristevaMotor Control Neuroscience Neurophysiology19761977 Hans H. Kornhuber (grad student)
Wolfgang Maderneurobiology, neuroethology, sensorimotor Harald Wolf (post-doc)
Astrid Mundersensory processing in retinal circuits Institute of Neurobiology20092011 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Heiko NeumannNeural models of visual information processing, computational vision and learning
Melanie Nickmannneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor Wolfgang Stein (research assistant)
Stephanie Preuss20102012 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Stefan PutzNeurobiology, Photoablation
Sandeep RajkumarCortical organoids, Assembloids, Down Syndrome, Synapses Anatomy and Cell Biology20192023 Tobias M. Boeckers (grad student)
Stefanie Rukavinacomputer modeling of neuronal activity Wolfgang Stein (research assistant)
Arne Ernst SauerSensorimotor, computational neuroscience
Carmen Smarandache-Wellmannneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor, coordination, coupled oscillators20002007 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Carola StädeleNeurobiology, Neuroscience
Wolfgang Steinneurobiology, neuroethology, stomatogastric nervous system, sensorimotor, central pattern generator19981999 Michael P. Nusbaum (post-doc), Harald Wolf (research scientist), Wolfgang Mader (collaborator), Arne Ernst Sauer (collaborator)
Oliver Straubneurobiology, neuroethology, sensorimotor20022006 Wolfgang Stein (grad student)
Nicolai WaniekNonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Computational Neuroscience, Recurrent Neural Networks, Self-Organization and Procedural Generation, Distributed and Massively Parallel Computing Heiko Neumann (research assistant)
Harald Wolfneurobiology, neuroethology, sensorimotor