Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Olga Alexandrova Benedikt Grothe (research assistant)
Fredrik AllenmarkVision and action2016 Zhuanghua Shi (post-doc)
Daniela Biechl Mario F. Wullimann (grad student)
Jean Büttner-Ennever
Amory Danek Benedikt Grothe (grad student)
Ali Ertürk
Felix Felmy2006 Benedikt Grothe (research scientist)
Mohsen FirouziMultistory integration and Perception
Thomas Geyer Control of selective attention as particularly based on guidance signals from visual (short-term) memory; long-term memory and learning; spatial cognition Hermann Josef Mueller (collaborator), Hermann Josef Mueller (research scientist)
Magdalena GoetzNeurogenesis
Klaus GramannSpatial Orientation, EEG, Visual Attention20022007 Hermann Josef Mueller (post-doc)
Benedikt Grotheauditory neuroscience19931998 Christian Leibold (collaborator), Ellen Covey (collaborator), John H. Casseday (collaborator), Gerhard Neuweiler (research scientist)
Lukasz Grzeczkowskivisual system Department of Psychology2016 Heiner Deubel (post-doc)
Ava Handley Physiological Chemistry2016 Carla Margulies (grad student)
Joachim HermannAuditory neuroscience20042008 Achim E. Klug (grad student)
Jochen HermsSynaptic transmission, dendritic spines, Alzheimers Disease, Neuropathology, structural plasticity
Todd R. JenningsAuditory System, Inferior Colliculus, Sound Localization, Interaural Time Difference, Modeling2011 Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Zhizi Jing Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Alexander KaiserAuditory neuroscience2008 Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Leila KhouriAuditory neuroscience20082012 Benedikt Grothe (grad student)
Ursula Kochauditory system, cellular neurophysiology20072012 Benedikt Grothe (grad student), Benedikt Grothe (post-doc), Benedikt Grothe (research scientist)
Conny Kopp-ScheinpflugAuditory Neuroscience Benedikt Grothe (research scientist)
Sigrid Kress20092014 Mario F. Wullimann (grad student)
Lars Kunz2010 Benedikt Grothe (research scientist)
Nicholas A. Lesica Adaptation, estimation, detection, natural scenes, vision Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Andrea LingnerPsychoacoustic20112011 Benedikt Grothe (grad student), Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Paul Ryan MacNeilageVisual-vestibular interaction
Carla Margulies
Norbert Matussek
Hamish Meffin20042009 Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Thomas Mueller19992003 Mario F. Wullimann (grad student)
Hermann Josef MuellerVisual Attention John M. Findlay (research scientist)
Michael H. MyogaNeurophysiology2011 Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Jelena OstojicVeterinary pathology
Gonzalo Otazuauditory cortex Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Chenchen Pan Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Ali Ertürk (grad student)
Michael PeckaAuditory system, Visual system2011 Benedikt Grothe (grad student), Benedikt Grothe (research scientist)
Markus Plankvirtual reality, human-robot interaction, EEG and fMRI, motion capture, eye movements, spatial cognition, movement uncertainty20052009 Klaus Gramann (grad student)
Philipp Rautenberg Benedikt Grothe (grad student)
Rose M. RichardsClinical neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, disorders, ADHD, autism, etc.
Elke Rink19972001 Mario F. Wullimann (grad student)
Barbara Rupp (now Wicht)19921995 Mario F. Wullimann (grad student)
Lynda M. SagrestanoSocial Psychology, Public Health
Bernadette Saunier-ReboriNeurophysiology20022007 Benedikt Grothe (grad student)
Tamas Schauer Physiological Chemistry2013 Carla Margulies (grad student)
Veronika Schöpfolfaction, functional imaging20052008 Martin Wiesmann (grad student)
Erich SchrögerEEG, ERPs, Cognition, Audition, Memory, Binocular vision1991 Kurt Müller (grad student)
Gerd Schuller19951997 Benedikt Grothe (collaborator)
Zhuanghua Shi
Ida Siveke2009 Benedikt Grothe (grad student), Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Annette Stange Benedikt Grothe (post-doc)
Thomas ToellnerVisual Attention, EEG20042007 Klaus Gramann (grad student)
Dieter G. Weisscellular neurobiology, neurochemistry, synaptic vesicles, motor enzymes, cytoskeleton, axonal transport, neurochips Psychiatry Norbert Matussek (grad student)
Lutz WiegrebePsychoacoustic2005 Benedikt Grothe (collaborator)
Mario F. WullimannDevelopmental Neurobiology20072006 Benedikt Grothe (research scientist), Philippe Vernier (research scientist), R Glenn Northcutt (post-doc), Gerhard Roth (research scientist), Dietrich Meyer (post-doc), David Senn (grad student)
Agnieszka Wykowska Anna Schubö (grad student)