Seton Hall University, College of Education and Human Services

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Carol C. BocchinoIndustrial Psychology2001 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Donalee BrownSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 Byron Hargrove (grad student)
Camille CercielloSpecial Education2001 Manina U. Dunn (grad student)
Richard F. CocoPsychometrics Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Letizia A. DuncanClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Manina U. DunnClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Nutrition
Lynn M. HansonClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Nutrition2002 Manina U. Dunn (grad student)
Byron HargroveSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Bruce W. HartmanIndustrial Psychology
Helene S. KatzPersonality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Marianne O'Hare (grad student)
Heidi E. KellerDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2004 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Eileen N. McCarthyClinical Psychology, Black Studies, Women's Studies2002 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Shannon Morgan-GillardClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Arnold Wilson (grad student)
Marianne O'HarePersonality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Lucy A. QuatrellaSocial Psychology, Public Health2000 Byron Hargrove (grad student)
Susan TeagueSocial Psychology
Alison ValerianSocial Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2002 Byron Hargrove (grad student)
Arnold WilsonPersonality Psychology, Public Health
James A. WrableClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2000 Bruce W. Hartman (grad student)
Elizabeth A. YoumansSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Byron Hargrove (grad student)
Philip YuchtPersonality Psychology, Public Health2001 Arnold Wilson (grad student)