University of Regensburg

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Björn Brembsspontaneous actions and operant learning
Veronica Egger
Andreas Ehweiner Neurogenetics2019 Björn Brembs (grad student)
Anders Eriksson2017 Björn Brembs (post-doc)
Theo GeiselNeurophysics, Chaos and Self-organized criticality in neural networks1975 Joachim Keller (grad student)
Ezequiel Axel GorostizaBehavior Institute of Zoology - Neurogenetics20132017 Björn Brembs (post-doc)
Mark W. GreenleeVision, Memory, Learning, Attention, Motion Lothar Spillmann (collaborator)
Daniel Kaiser Gyula Kovács (research assistant)
Berthold LangguthTMS; Psychiatry
Seth M. Levinesocial/affective neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, perceptual decision making, fMRI, computational psychiatry
Yih-Shiuan LinVisual neuroscience, human vision Institute of Experimental Psychology2017 Mark W. Greenlee (grad student)
Ottavia Palazzo Neurogenetics2017 Björn Brembs (grad student)
Christian Rohrsen Institute of Zoology - Neurogenetics20142019 Björn Brembs (grad student)
Saloni Rose Neurogenetics20182018 Björn Brembs (grad student)