Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Swagata GhatakTREK1 channels, NMDA channels, electrophysiology of cortical neurons and iPS derived neurons Molecular Biophysics Unit20082015 Sujit K. Sikdar (grad student)
Susheel KumarVisual System, Electrophysiology, Primates Center for Neuroscience20112012 Supratim Ray (research assistant)
Sujit K. Sikdar
Sharmistha SinhaBiophysical Chemistry Molecular Biophysics Unit20022007 Avadhesha Surolia (grad student)
Sunandha Srikanth Molecular Biophysics20132015 Rishikesh Narayanan (grad student)
Avadhesha Surolia
Shanmukha Aditya UpadhyayulaVisual system, Attention, Memory Center for Neuroscience20142014 Aditya Murthy (research assistant)