Royal Holloway, University of London

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Georgios Argyropoulos
Juan Cáceres Computer Science2018 Alberto Paccanaro (grad student)
Horacio Caniza Royal Holloway, University of London2015 Alberto Paccanaro (grad student)
Diego Ariel GaleanoComputer science, computational pharmacology Computer Science20152019 Alberto Paccanaro (grad student)
Scott Glovermotor control, visual information processing
Michael B. HoffmannVision, fMRI, non-invasive electrophysiology19992002 Anthony B. Morland (post-doc)
Yanbo (Helen) HuActive vision, Emotion Regulation, Working memory, Internet addict, Cerebellum20062010 Andrew T. Smith (grad student)
Jonas LarssonVisual cortex, computational neuroimaging
Ellouise Leadbeater20042007 Lars Chittka (grad student)
Carolyn McGettiganSpeech, vocal communication, cognitive neuroscience
Mark Mikkelsen Department of Psychology2015 Narender Ramnani (post-doc)
David P. Morgan Department of Psychology20162019 Jakke Tamminen (grad student)
Alberto Paccanarocomputational biology, machine learning
Jeanne L. Shinskeycognitive development
Jakke Tamminen
Mateo Torres Computer Science20152019 Alberto Paccanaro (grad student)
Matthew B. WallVision, fMRI20032008 Andrew T. Smith (post-doc)
Adrian L. Williamsvision, sensory perception, fmri19992003 Andrew T. Smith (post-doc)