Swarthmore College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sara M. Hiebert
Olivia D Perez
Jonathan Seth Adelstein2002 Allan Schneider (research assistant)
Hans Wallach19361942 Wolfgang Köhler (research scientist)
Peter Vishton Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
Jacob Nachmias1952 Hans Wallach (grad student), Wolfgang Köhler (grad student)
Martha E. Arterberry Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
Peiyao Chen Viorica Marian (grad student)
Benjamin D. Zinszer Psychology20062008 Raymond E Phinney (research assistant)
Molly E. SiegelAnimal behavior, reproductive endocrinology, neurobiology20112012 Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
Alexander T. BaughBehavioral Biology
Amy M. SpiegelBiological Psychology, Aging, Learning and Memory20032007 Allan Schneider (research assistant)
Jill C. WildongerCharacterizing how discreet functional domains in neurons are created by investigating how proteins are trafficked; combining in vitro approaches with in vivo live-cell imagining in the developing fruit fly. Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
Stephanie Michelle Camposchemosensory, communication, competition, lizards
Christopher M. CiarleglioCircadian rhythms, Development, Serotonin20022004 Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
Kim Cassidycognitive development Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
Joshua H. Goldwyncomputational neuroscience
Kathleen K. SiwickiCourtship conditioning, fruit flies, drosophila
Barry SchwartzDecision Making,Creation of Values,Interaction of Morality and Self Interest, Work Satisfaction
Jessica TurnerfMRI Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
Otto van LauensteinGestalt; Successive Comparison1933 Wolfgang Köhler (grad student)
Jeffrey L. Gauthierhippocampus, navigation
Kirsten CondryInfant cognition and perception Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
Gretchen Van de WalleInfant perception and cognition Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)
John Monterossojudgment and decision making, impulsivity, addiction, neuroeconomics Philip J. Kellman (research assistant), Barry Schwartz (research assistant)
Lauren E. UllrichMemory, Mild cognitive impairment20042006 Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
C.J. MalangaMotivation, reward, addiction, autism, neuroteratology, drug discovery19871988 Jonathan Copeland (research assistant)
Henry W KietzmanNeurodevelopment, Integrin Signaling, Gene-Environment Neuroscience20122014 Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
Sam BuchlNeuroregeneration Psychology Psychology Psychology20122013 Malathi Thothathiri (research assistant), Jane E. Gillham (research assistant), Andrew Ward (research assistant)
Wolfgang KöhlerPerception
Dorothy DinnersteinPerception Wolfgang Köhler (post-doc)
Thomas F. ShipleyPerception, Spatial Cognition19891991 Philip J. Kellman (post-doc)
Deborah Kemler NelsonPerceptual Development
Amir NainiPotassium channels19871988 Jonathan Copeland (research assistant)
Ulric Neisserretired Wolfgang Köhler (grad student)
Christopher G. VecseySleep, memory, cAMP signaling, neuropeptide regulation of behavior
Emily Wilkins ClarkTaste aversion, spatial learning19972001 Allan Schneider (research assistant)
Vy A. Vovision, attention20092011 Kathleen K. Siwicki (research assistant)
James CrowellVisual perception Philip J. Kellman (research assistant)