Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Linda AfifiBrain injury, recovery, neuromodulation Jingxia Cai (grad student)
Jingxia CaiPrimate
Anping Chailearning and memory
Nanhui ChenBehavioral Neurophysiology of Primate19931998 Yuchu Chen (grad student)
Zuyue ChenOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, primate2006 Xintian Hu (grad student)
Xiaoli FengOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, primate2006 Xintian Hu (grad student)
Yu Fu Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Xintian HuOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, Primate Jingxia Cai (grad student)
Yingzhou HuOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, primate2006 Xintian Hu (grad student)
Tan Ji-Wei
Huihui JiangOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, primate2005 Xintian Hu (grad student)
Cao Jun
Xu Linlearning and memory, psychological stress and psychiatry,addiction Jingxia Cai (grad student)
Xu Linlearning and memory
Huilang Liu2008 Yuanye Ma (post-doc)
Chang Liu20072012 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Xiaofen Liu2003 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Ning Liu Yuanye Ma (grad student)
CiRong LiuMarmoset, Neuroimaging, MRI, Connectome, Neuroanatomy, Non-human Primates20092012 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Weiwei LiuNeurogenetics, Social behavior, Evolution
Yuanye MaCognition Neuroscience
Yuanye MaPrimates Patricia Goldman-Rakic (post-doc), David Gaffan (research scientist), Jingxia Cai (grad student)
Yu MaoCognition Neuroscience20052008 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Zhiqiang MengCongnition Neuroscience20062010 Xintian Hu (grad student), Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Jianguang Nineuronal synchronization; top-down20082010 Xintian Hu (research assistant)
Zhou Qi-XinKCC2, learning and memory, epilepsy, stress
Dongdong QinOculomotor system, sensory motor integration, primate2006 Xintian Hu (grad student)
Ping Ren Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Mao Rong-Rong
Ninglei Sun Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Huaying Sun2003 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Xiusong Wang Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Jianhong Wang Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Zhengbo Wang2008 Yuanye Ma (post-doc)
Fraser Wilsonlearning Yuanye Ma (collaborator)
Kun Wu
Shan YuNeural Network, Criticality, Complex Systems, Synchronization Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Tifei YuanNMDAR20062006 Yuanye Ma (research assistant)
Yang Yue-XiongAnimal behavior
Jia Yun-FangTRPV1, learning and memory
Bo Zhangneuronscience20042010 Yuanye Ma (grad student), Xintian Hu (grad student)
Jie Zhang20022008 Yuanye Ma (grad student)
Dongming Zhou20082009 Yuanye Ma (post-doc)