University of British Columbia (UBC)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Maria GM Manaligod Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Jennifer Whitman
Sumeet Mutti
Christopher J. Patrickemotion William G. Iacono (grad student)
Jennifer Whitman
Sumeet MuttiPsychology Cognitive Psychology2016 Todd C. Handy (grad student)
Nicholas L WeilingerSynaptic physiology, Stroke, Cerebral Edema,20152018 Brian A. Macvicar (post-doc)
Michael Lyons Lionel G. Harrison (grad student)
Pankaj K. GuptaBCI, Signal processing, Neuroscience, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Alexandre A. Lussierepigenetics, neurodevelopment, alcohol20122017 Joanne Weinberg (grad student)
Jovi CY Wong20082010 Stephanie L. Borgland (research assistant)
Paul Anthony Swaine Sheppard Psychology20182019 Liisa Galea (post-doc)
Geoffrey Kyle Gooderham
Alireza Kamyabineuron-glia interactions, astrocyte, glutamate signalling
Rebecca M. ToddEmotion and Cognition, Affective salience, Attention, Memory, Learning, Emotion
Mana R. Ehlers Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Brian Greeleymotor learning, tdcs
James Kryklywy Rebecca M. Todd (post-doc)
Kevin H. Roberts Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Nicholas J MichelsonNeuroscience Neuroscience2018 Timothy H. Murphy (grad student)
Lia Kendall Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Bernard Lakowski Lionel G. Harrison (grad student)
Ryan J. Tomm Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Max Jativa-Vega Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Julie Youngers Samuel A Mehr (research assistant)
Alexander Terpstra Rebecca M. Todd (grad student)
Parker J. HolmanNeurobiology of learning
Jolande Fookenneuroscience, vision, movement
Karen L WiebeBehavioral Ecology, Ornithology Forest Sciences19941995 Kathy Martin (post-doc)
Fred L. Bunnell
Alton S. Harestad Forestry Fred L. Bunnell (grad student)
Kathy Martin Forestry Fred Zwickel (grad student)
David Costalago"Marine ecology", "Trophic ecology", "climate change", "fisheries ecology", "marine mammals"
Louis Lefebvre
Meaghan J JonesEpigenetics, human genetics, dohad Medical Genetics20042010 Louis Lefebvre (grad student)
Xiuyun WuEye movements; Visual perception Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences2017 Miriam Spering (grad student)
Farnaz Javadian Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences20182018 Arijit Chakraborty (research assistant)
John R. O'Kuskymethyl mercury toxicity Psychiatry19851987 Edith G. McGeer (post-doc)
Brandon J. ForysBehavioural modelling, avoidance behaviours, neuroendocrine modelling
Andra Smithcognitive impairment, neuroimaging Psychology1999 Robert D. Hare (grad student)
Manesh Girnbrain networks, default-mode network, functional connectivity, internally-directed cognition Psychology20142018 Kalina Christoff (research assistant)
Guy Mittlemanneuroscience Psychology Anthony Phillips (post-doc)
Marcus R WatsonAttention, Rule Learning, Synaesthesia Psychology Ophthalmology20082013 James T. Enns (grad student), Deborah Giaschi (post-doc)
Nicolas Rohleder Psychology Gregory E. Miller (post-doc)
Daniel J. Tobianskymedial preoptic area, drugs of addiction, sexual behavior, neurosteroid, steroidogenesis
Jennifer M. YipClinical psychology, cognitive psychology Psychology Todd C. Handy (grad student)
Tao TanAutism; Stress; Alzheimer's Diseases; Electrophysiology; Ion channel; rTMS UBC Hospital Brain Research Centre20132016 Yu Tian Wang (post-doc)