Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yahia H Alibrain-computer interfaces, deep learning
Elizabeth A. Amadeisystems, functional networks
JoAnna T Andersonspinal cord physiology and development
Axel BlauFlexible all-polymeric microelectrode arrays (polyMEAs), Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC), Manipulating neural network composition and interconnectivity by optical tweezers, laser microdissection, µ-fluidic systems, biochemically and topologically µ-textured substrate19992001 Steve M. Potter (post-doc)
Scott E BoebingerMotor System, Neural Control of Movement, Sensorimotor Control, electroencephalography Biomedical Engineering20182024 Lena H. Ting (grad student)
Liang GuoNeuroengineering20052011 Stephen P. DeWeerth (grad student)
Bilal Haider
Brandon Alexander HoltImmunoengineering, Bioengineering Biomedical Engineering2017 Gabriel A. Kwong (grad student)
Brian C. Horslen Lena H. Ting (post-doc)
Brianna M Karpowiczcomputational neuroscience, machine learning, brain-computer interfaces
Nathaniel James Killiancentral nervous system physiology
Robert D LamprechtElectrophysiology
Robert H. Lee
Tidhar Lev-AriVisual attention
Jeffrey E. MarkowitzBasal ganglia, biosensors, motor control, machine learning
Jonathan D McCartmachine learning, deep learning, latent variable modeling, neural population activity, neural dynamics, neural engineering Biomedical Engineering Chethan Pandarinath (grad student)
Johnathan Lucas McKayParkinson Disease, Motor control, Musculoskeletal modeling Lena H. Ting (grad student)
Daniel C Millard Biomedical Engineering20082013 Garrett B. Stanley (grad student)
Chethan Pandarinathneural prosthetics, neural engineering, brain-machine interfaces, motor systems, visual system, retina, neural circuitry, adaptation
Aiden M. Payne Lena H. Ting (grad student)
Bahar Rahsepar Biomedical Engineering20132015 Astrid A. Prinz (research assistant)
Mattia I. Rigotti Thompson2020 Chethan Pandarinath (grad student)
Joseph Del Rosario Biomedical Engineering2016 Bilal Haider (grad student)
Travis M Rotterman Biological Sciences2018 Timothy C. Cope (post-doc)
Styrmir Saevarsson Charles M. Epstein (post-doc)
Fred Henry Sielingsynchronization, hybrid networks
Anderson Speed Biomedical Engineering2016 Bilal Haider (grad student)
Jacob D StephensNeuromechanics, Neuroscience
Lena H. Ting
Qi WangNeuroscience, Neuroengineering, Sensory Processing, Neuromodulation Biomedical Engineering20082012 Garrett B. Stanley (research scientist)
Lahiru Neth Wimalasenamotor neuroscience, population dynamics, deep learning Biomedical Engineering2017 Chethan Pandarinath (grad student)
Selda YildizCerebrospinal fluid dynamics, mind-body medicine, sleep, data analytics, computational algorithms, signal processing, EEG & MR data analysis20142016 John N. Oshinski (post-doc)
Lu Zhang