Trent University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Guillaume Bastille-RousseauEcology Biology, Conservation Biology Environmental and Life Sciences2015 Dennis L. Murray (grad student)
Liana E. BrownVision and Action
Kitty (Katherine) F. Emeryanthropology, archaeology, environmental archaeology, zooarchaeology, Mesoamerica, Maya Paul Healy (research assistant)
Davood GozliAttention & Performance
Paul Healyanthropology, archaeology, Mesoamerica
Hugo Lehmannmemory, hippocampus, rhinal cortex
Mowei Liusocial and emotional development; culture
Thomas Luloff
Terese E. McIntoshEcology Biology, Wildlife Management Agriculture2012 Dennis L. Murray (grad student)
Dennis L. MurrayEcology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Kimberley Ritchie
Kimberly Ritchie
Gavin A Scott Psychology Hugo Lehmann (grad student)
Melanie Jay Sekeresmemory, consolidation, reconsolidation, fMRI
Andrea N. SmitSleep and Circadian Neuroscience
Stirling Wattampsychology