The University of Manchester

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Susan Daviespsychology of autism19901993 Dorothy V M Bishop (grad student)
Michael Avermannbarrel cortex20052006 Andreas Prokop (research assistant)
Ellen M. MigoMemory Andrew R. Mayes (grad student), Daniela Montaldi (grad student)
Daniel Henry ElijahComputational Neuroscience, Information processing with bursts of spikes20092012 Marcelo Montemurro (grad student)
Timothy M. Brown Stephen M. Fitzjohn (grad student), Jonathan M. Brotchie (grad student)
Jason G. FleischerComputational neuroscience, hippocampus, learning and memory, robotics, consciousness20002004 Jonathan L. Shapiro (grad student), Ulrich D. F. Nehmzow (grad student)
Paul H. ArtesVisual Function in Glaucoma19972001 David B. Henson (grad student)
Jonathan Denniss20072010 David B. Henson (grad student), Paul H. Artes (grad student), Ingo Schiessl (grad student)
Erwan Bezardneurodegenerative disorders19992000 Jonathan M. Brotchie (post-doc), Alan R. Crossman (post-doc)
Jonathan M. Brotchieneurodegenerative disorders Alan R. Crossman (grad student)
Gerry LeismanComputational Neuroscience, Cognitive-Motor Interaction, Communication Systems, Cognitive Neurosciences, Systems Theory, Clinical Electrophysiology, Memory, Neuropsychology, Autism Richard R. Skemp (grad student), Tom Kilburn (grad student)
Tom KilburnComputer Science Frederic Calland Williams (grad student)
Andrew M. MacdonaldInformation Theory, Neural Coding Stefano Panzeri (grad student), Marcelo Montemurro (grad student)
Judith Bird19841987 Dorothy V M Bishop (grad student)
Chris Donlan19891992 Dorothy V M Bishop (grad student), Graham Hitch (grad student)
Alan R. Crossmanneurodegenerative disorders
Richard R. SkempMathematical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Frederic Calland Williams Computer Science
Katherine E. DavisHippocampal system, Models of Alzheimer's Disease, in vivo electrophysiology, Behavioural testing
Sarah FoxSynaptic plasticity, Hippocampal electrophysiology
Dario CampagnerSystem Neuroscience
Steve Furber
Alok Joshi Department of Computer Science Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology Steve Furber (post-doc), Hugh Piggins (post-doc)
Hugh Piggins
Ellen Poliakoff
Stacey HumphriesCognitive neuroscience, action observation, Parkinson's disease Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology20122016 Ellen Poliakoff (grad student)
Andreas ProkopSynapse formation, axonal growth, Drosophila
Sohail SiadatnejadSpike train analysis, Information theory, Encoding, Decosing FLS20082013 Marcelo Montemurro (grad student)
Michael L. SinnottOrganic chemistry
Robert GiffordEnvironmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology,
Anna Woollams
Daniel John RobertsNeuropsychology, reading, dyslexia, vision Psychology20062010 Anna Woollams (grad student)