University of Dundee

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christopher N. ConnollyLigand gated ion channels
Aixin cheng Christopher N. Connolly (post-doc)
Delia Belellineurotransmission, GABAa receptors and neurosteroids
Gary Boyd Christopher N. Connolly (post-doc)
Barbara A. SpruceEnkephalins, astrocytes, molecular endocrinology
Sarah Mizielinska Christopher N. Connolly (grad student)
Patricia Cohen
Alexander A. Harper
Benjamin T. Vincentvision, attention, decision making, inference
Nicholas J. WadeVisual perception, History of research in visual science, Visual science and visual art, Space perception, Motion perception, Stereopsis
D G. Nicholls O Lindberg (post-doc)
Anuenue KukonaPsycholinguistics
Jeremy J. Lambert
Shane Lindsay
Emese NagyDevelopmental Psychology Péter Molnár (grad student)
Alan Kennedy
Thierry Baccino Alan Kennedy (grad student)
James W. BlackPharmacology19461947 Robert Campbell Garry (post-doc)
Edgar F. da Cruz e Silva Patricia Cohen (post-doc), Patricia Cohen (grad student)
Odete A. Beirão da Cruz e SilvaAlzheimer's disease, Molecular Biomedicine19881989 Patricia Cohen (grad student), Patricia Cohen (post-doc)
Manus WardNeurotoxicity19992000 Christopher N. Connolly (post-doc)
Maksym V. Kopanitsaelectrophysiology, cognitive testing, synaptic imaging, mutant mice, animal disease models20032004 Jeremy J. Lambert (post-doc)
Sam Matthew GreenwoodNeurotoxicity20022006 Christopher N. Connolly (grad student)
Andrew J. Samson20122016 Christopher N. Connolly (grad student)