Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Victoria F Beja-Glasser Psychology20102012 Karen Lee Hollis (research assistant)
Mara Breen
Kenneth J. Colodner
Ahren B. Fitzroytemporal attention, auditory processing, speech perception, music perception, musical expertise Psychology and Education2016 Mara Breen (post-doc)
Surabhi Guptahippocampus, saccadic movement in visual system, Alzheimer's Disease
Karen Lee HollisInsect behavior
Marwa Mikati Neuroscience20142017 Kenneth J. Colodner (research assistant)
Will J. Millardexperimental psychopathology, psychopharmacology
Sara E. Royston Will J. Millard (research assistant)
Paola SacchettiParkinson's disease, nuclear receptors
Andre O. WhiteLearning and Memory; Drug Addiction