New York University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Janna Maria AarseSpatial navigation, learning and memory
Aenne A. Brielmann
Michael Donald Evanspsychology, cognition Psychology Catherine Hartley (grad student)
Marc M Himmelbergvisual neuroscience2019 Marisa Carrasco (post-doc)
Minjung KimVision, colour perception, material perception, lighting Psychology Denis G. Pelli (grad student)
Kathleen W Kinnally
So Yeon Koo Neural Science20122015 Eric Klann (research assistant)
Alessandro La Chioma
Uri Lasersongenomics, immunology Mathematics20022005 Tamar Schlick (research scientist)
Andrea E. Martinpsycholinguistics, language processing, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, computational modelling, neural oscillations
Saghar Mirbagheri Psychology20182019 David J. Heeger (grad student)
PABLO M PEIXOTOmitochondrial physiology, mitochondrial signaling, mitochondrial ion channels Basic Sciences20072011 Kathleen W Kinnally (post-doc)
Ralph Emilio Petersonsystems neuroscience, ethology, behavior, auditory neuroscience, computational neuroscience Center for Neural Science2020 David Michael Schneider (grad student)
Simran Purokayasthaattention, perception, eye movements, Alzheimer's disease Psychology2018 Marisa Carrasco (grad student)
Robert M. Sears Center for Neural Science20112015 Joseph E. Ledoux (post-doc)
Vivek YadavDeep Learning, Computational Cognitive Modeling, AI in Healthcare Psychology20192020 Todd M. Gureckis (grad student)
Ipshita ZutshiLearning and Memory, Spatial Navigation Neuroscience Institute2019 György Buzsáki (post-doc)