University of Rhode Island

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Margaret A. AckleyClinical Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2000 David Faust (grad student)
David C. AhernClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2010 David Faust (grad student)
Gregory A. AllardPublic Health, Mental Health, Health Care Management2001 Colleen A. Redding (grad student)
Milena D. AnatchkovaClinical Psychology, Public Health2004 Colleen A. Redding (grad student)
Lucille Andreozzi SternClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Women's Studies2004 David Faust (grad student)
Grace C. AshtonDevelopmental Psychology2000 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Janette BairdDevelopmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Human Development2003 Kathleen Gorman (grad student)
Saleh A. BakheetToxicology, Neuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology2005 Nasser Zawia (grad student)
Rachel BaldwinClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2012 Ellen Flannery-Schroeder (grad student)
Allan BermanDevelopmental Psychology
Ashutosh BhatnagarNeuron Model, Tri-partite Synapses, Neuronal Circuits, Theoretical Neuroscience
Amy BlackSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Gender Studies2006 Lisa Bowleg (grad student)
Cerissa BlaneyClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2013 Colleen A. Redding (grad student)
Marlana J. BorgosCognitive Psychology2003 Grant Willis (grad student)
Lisa BowlegBehavioral Psychology, Women's Studies, Public Health, Social Psychology
Susan A. BradyDevelopmental Psychology, Reading Education, Educational Psychology Education
Kelly BrooksSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Women's Studies2006 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
I. S. BujoreanuClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Developmental Psychology2007 Allan Berman (grad student)
Patricia H. CastleBehavioral Psychology, Public Health Psychology2011 Colleen A. Redding (grad student)
William V. CatoneReading Education, Secondary Education, Special Education2000 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Alice W. ChengSocial Psychology, Asian American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Psychology2011 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Hyun J. ChungGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Erica E. ConnersClinical Psychology, Black Studies, Hispanic American Studies, Secondary Education2006 Paul Florin (grad student)
Nathan E. CookClinical Psychology Psychology2013 David Faust (grad student)
Marjorie Cooper-NicolsDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Gender Studies2006 Lisa Bowleg (grad student)
Stephen CorreiaClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology2001 David Faust (grad student)
Melynda L. CraigSocial Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2005 Lisa Bowleg (grad student)
Anne E. DamradSocial Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education2006 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Paul B. de MesquitaClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Higher Education
Paul B. deMesquitaHigher Education, Special Education, Mental Health, Administration Education, Adult and Continuing Education
Aderemi DosunmuToxicology, Neuroscience Biology, Aging2010 Nasser Zawia (grad student)
Cecilia M. DuarteClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Crystal DussaultSocial Psychology Psychology2011 Lisa Weyandt (grad student)
Leila B. Dutton-GreeneExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2004 Lisa Bowleg (grad student)
Crystelle A. EganMental Health, Aging, Public Health2010 Paul Florin (grad student)
David FaustClinical Psychology
Anne C. FernandezTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions Psychology2013 James O. Prochaska (grad student)
Ellen Flannery-SchroederClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Paul FlorinIndustrial Psychology, Public Health, Health Education
Heather M. FrankClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Criminology and Penology2006 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Shirley A. GazabonBehavioral Psychology, Public Health2003 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
A. C. GoldingClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Women's Studies, GLBT Studies2010 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
Kathleen GormanDevelopmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Human Development
Stephanie L. GuertinNeuroscience Biology Interdisciplinary Neuroscience2014 Gabriele Kass-Simon (grad student)
Kara L. HallExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2004 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Maram HallakPsychometrics Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology2001 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Kenneth V. HeardClinical Psychology, Law2010 David Faust (grad student)
Molly A. HedrickClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2006 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Timothy J. HeitzmanCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2000 Grant Willis (grad student)
Cristen A. HendersonHigher Education, Teacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2012 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Ryan Edward HoltCreativity, School Psychology Psychology20142018 Grant Willis (grad student)
Jennifer C. HuangBehavioral Psychology, Women's Studies, Public Health, Social Psychology2004 Lisa Bowleg (grad student)
David M. HudsonMarine Physiology, Animal Behavior, Marine Ecology, Biogeography, Climate Change Graduate School of Oceanography20052006 Candace Oviatt (research assistant)
Jean M. JacobSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations, Public and Social Welfare, Black Studies2005 Bernice Lott (grad student)
Grace M. JanusisClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Lisa Weyandt (grad student)
Pascal Jean-PierreClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, General Religion2005 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
Hilary B. JonesExperimental Psychology, Secondary Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2008 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Gary B. KaplanNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology
Lara J. Kaplan GoodrichGeneral Psychology, General, Clinical Psychology, Latin American Studies Psychology2013 Ellen Flannery-Schroeder (grad student)
Gabriele Kass-SimonNeuroscience Biology
Jacqueline J. KikuchiSocial Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Guidance and Counseling Education2004 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Christina KilgallenDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2008 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Ilene KleinClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology2001 Paul Florin (grad student)
Hisanori KobayashiBehavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, General Psychology Psychology2012 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Amy Kolb Biology20142016 Nicholas Santangelo (grad student)
Karli K. KondoSocial Psychology, Public Health Psychology2012 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Paul M. KrebsTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions2007 James O. Prochaska (grad student)
Daniel KretchmanPsychometrics Psychology2007 Grant Willis (grad student)
Janet KulbergClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology
Alexis N. LambClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2012 Ellen Flannery-Schroeder (grad student)
Anne M. LamoureuxClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2001 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Susan A. LegendreClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2003 Allan Berman (grad student)
Kimberly A. Leite-MorrisNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2002 Gary B. Kaplan (grad student)
Eliana S. LesserEducational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Grant Willis (grad student)
Christopher J. LopesClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2005 Grant Willis (grad student)
Bernice LottBehavioral Psychology, Public Health, Women's Studies
Monica MabeBehavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Psychology2014 Grant Willis (grad student)
Carol L. MacNaughtPsychometrics Psychology, Tests and Measurements Education2000 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Sonia C. MashikianClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Grant Willis (grad student)
Leanne M. MaurielloSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Public Health2003 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Maureen E. McCormickClinical Psychology2000 David Faust (grad student)
Barbara S. McCradyClinical Psychology Clinical Psychology19711975 Allen Berman (grad student)
Phyllis C. MeloroSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2005 Paul B. de Mesquita (grad student)
Jasmine A. MenaBehavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Hispanic American Studies, Guidance and Counseling Education2007 Paul Florin (grad student)
Miriam I. MeyerDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Reading Education2001 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
William L. MillerOceanography, photochemistry, trace element cycles Graduate School of Oceanography19851990 Dana R. Kester (grad student)
Dana S. MillsIndustrial Psychology, Public Health, Health Education2001 Paul Florin (grad student)
Elena S. MirskyDevelopmental Psychology2002 Allan Berman (grad student)
Alison M. MitchellDevelopmental Psychology, Reading Education, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2012 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Kristina MonteiroTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions Psychology2015 Andrea E. Paiva (grad student)
Patricia MorokoffClinical Psychology
Patrica MorokoffClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Social Psychology
Lynee D. MurrayExperimental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Lori K. Myren-ManbeckNursing, Clinical Psychology2000 David Faust (grad student)
Jessica E. NargisoClinical Psychology, Gender Studies2009 Paul Florin (grad student)
Tu A. NgoSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Criminology and Penology2005 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
J. Christopher J. OcteauNeuroscience, Pharmacology, Membrane proteins, Glia-neuron interactions2010 Abraham Kovoor (grad student)
Andrea E. PaivaTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions2006 James O. Prochaska (grad student)
Catherine L. PastilleManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2007 Richard Scholl (grad student)
Radhika V. PasupuletiClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2013 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Norma J. PerezTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions2004 James O. Prochaska (grad student)
Lindsey K. PineoClinical Psychology, Health Education, Public Health, Elementary Education2001 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Nina J. PinnockDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Mental Health2003 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Silas O. PintoEducational Psychology Education, Individual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2007 Paul B. de Mesquita (grad student)
Jean W. PowellClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Women's Studies2004 Bernice Lott (grad student)
James O. ProchaskaTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions
Kathryn QuinaSocial Psychology, Asian American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Kristen J. QuinlanClinical Psychology2006 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Paige E. RamsdellHigher Education, Special Education, Mental Health, Administration Education, Adult and Continuing Education Psychology2015 Paul B. deMesquita (grad student)
Racheal T. ReavyPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology2009 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Colleen A. ReddingBehavioral Psychology, Public Health
Elizabeth ReichertGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2013 Ellen Flannery-Schroeder (grad student)
Susan F. RitzSocial Psychology2008 Bernice Lott (grad student)
Cynthia RobertsCounseling Psychology Psychology2012 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Ivory Roberts-ClarkeIndustrial Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies2004 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
Myriel Rodriguez BoissenClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Hispanic American Studies2010 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
Ivy E. RollinsEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2007 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Joe RossiPublic Health, Psychometrics Psychology
Joseph S. RossiSocial Psychology, Public Health
Louis F. RuffoloCognitive Psychology, Public Health2003 Grant Willis (grad student)
Jessica S. RuffoloClinical Psychology2004 Allan Berman (grad student)
Laurie RuggerieroPsychometrics Psychology
Danielle A. RuskinClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2005 Allan Berman (grad student)
Lora M. ScagliolaCounseling Psychology Psychology2011 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Richard SchollManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Yalda ShahriariBCI
Karen J. ShermanBehavioral Psychology, Teacher Training Education Psychology2012 Grant Willis (grad student)
Charles E. SicotteBehavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Grant Willis (grad student)
Christine B. SiebergClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2009 Ellen Flannery-Schroeder (grad student)
Marie A. SilliceRecreation, Behavioral Psychology, Biostatistics Biology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2014 Patricia Morokoff (grad student)
Albert SilversteinExperimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Gerontology
Holly A. SindelarCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Grant Willis (grad student)
Ashima SinghBehavioral Psychology, Women's Studies, Social Sciences Education, Higher Education2008 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Michael W. SipalaAnimal Physiology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Biological Sciences2012 Gabriele Kass-Simon (grad student)
Anabela D. SmithPsychometrics Psychology, Criminology and Penology2005 Grant Willis (grad student)
Jayson SpasTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions Psychology2012 Andrea E. Paiva (grad student)
Catherine StephanBehavioral Psychology2008 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Linda R. StolerClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Women's Studies2000 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Gehad M. SubaieaPharmacology, Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology Pharmaceutical Sciences2013 Nasser Zawia (grad student)
Jessica A. SuckleExperimental Psychology, Women's Studies, Clergy Religion2005 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Anthony SwentoskyGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2012 Lisa Weyandt (grad student)
Manivone ThikeoMental Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Clinical Psychology2010 Paul Florin (grad student)
Isabel A. TrombettiExperimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Gerontology2005 Albert Silverstein (grad student)
Henry T. UlrichManagement Business Administration2004 Richard Scholl (grad student)
Genevieve VerdiGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2013 Lisa Weyandt (grad student)
Deanna R. VoisineSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Sociology of Education2009 Lisa Weyandt (grad student)
Julie A. WagnerPsychometrics Psychology2000 Laurie Ruggeriero (grad student)
Rose M. WardExperimental Psychology2002 Joseph S. Rossi (grad student)
Amy Weiss Communication Sciences and Disorders19801983 Arlene Earley Carney (grad student)
Kristen M. WeissingerGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2013 Susan A. Brady (grad student)
Lisa WeyandtSocial Psychology
Diane L. WhippleClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2007 Grant Willis (grad student)
Leah A. WhynachtEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education2004 Janet Kulberg (grad student)
Dustin B. WieltClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2009 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Grant WillisClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Julie A. WrightTranstheoretical Model, Behavior Change, Tailored Interventions2002 James O. Prochaska (grad student)
Yating YehPublic Health, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Joe Rossi (grad student)
Lynne E. YongClinical Psychology, Social Work, Ethnic and Racial Studies2004 Kathryn Quina (grad student)
Nasser ZawiaToxicology, Neuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology