Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Karim Benchenaneelectrophysiology, brain oscillations, sleep, brain states, hippocampus
Sophie Françoise Janine Bagurelectrophysiology, sleep, oscillations, fear Brain Plasticity Unit2013 Karim Benchenane (grad student)
Thomas PreatLearning and memory
Niki ScaplehornLearning and memory, cell motility20052010 Thomas Preat (post-doc)
Julien ColombLearning and memory, olfaction20072009 Thomas Preat (post-doc)
Elodie ChristopheNeuronal diversity in the neocortex
Karim El Kanbisleep,memory,hippocampus, cortex Brain Plasticity Unit2016 Karim Benchenane (grad student)