University of Central Arkansas

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Barbara Clancy
Amy C. DoddEducational Psychology Education School Psychology2013 Kevin Rowell (grad student)
Art GillaspyEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education
Kasey N. GrassEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education2010 Art Gillaspy (grad student)
James R. HydeOCD, Calcium Imaging20032007 Barbara Clancy (research assistant)
William John LammersScholarship of Teaching
Leah M. LoweRehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation, Developmental Psychology Physical Therapy2013 Nancy B. Reese (grad student)
Jeffrey J. PadbergSystems Neuroscience
Amrita M. PuriVisual Attention & Perception, Cognitive Control
Roger Redondospatial memory; hippocampus20012003 James Alan Murray (grad student)
Nancy B. Reeseneuroscience
Kevin RowellEducational Psychology Education
Michael T. ScolesEducation reform, Learning, Behavioral pharmacology
Charlotte C. Yatesneuroscience
Alxandr Kane YorkVisual Cognition, Social Neuroscience, Moral Psychology, Sleep, Consciousness Psychology Biology20162019 Kenith V. Sobel (research assistant), Jeffrey J. Padberg (research assistant)