National Institute on Drug Abuse-IRP

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yuan Hao Chen Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20072009 Carl R. Lupica (grad student)
Kauê Machado CostaDopamine, Orbitofrontal Cortex, Reinforcement learning Behavioral Neurophysiology Neuroscience Sect.2018 Geoffrey Schoenbaum (post-doc)
Harshawardhan Deshpande Harshawardhan Deshpande2019 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Xioyu (Sherry) Ding Neuroimaging Research Branch20132018 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Dilyan I. DryanovskiBasal ganglia, dopamine, Parkinson's disease20162021 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Sergi Ferre
Sarah Aronson Fischell Neuroimaging Research Branch20162020 Elliot A. Stein (grad student)
Cameron H. Good Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20052010 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Britta Hahn Neuroimaging Research Branch20022007 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Eun-Kyung Hwang20152020 Carl R. Lupica (grad student)
Nora Laaris Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20062008 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Brenton T LaingNeuroscience, metabolism, electrophysiology, optogenetics Cellular Neuroscience Research Branch Yeka Aponte (post-doc)
Elise Lesage Neuroimaging Research Branch20142017 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Qingfang Liu2021 Thorsten Kahnt (post-doc)
Alice H. Luo Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20092011 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Rajtarun Madangopal
Meredith McHugh Neuroimaging Research Branch20102015 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Murat Oz Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20022005 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Ryan G. Palaganas20202022 Katherine E. Savell (research assistant)
Vani PariyadathTime perception, Drug addiction Neuroimaging Research Branch20102015 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Kayla M PittsNeuropsychopharmacology, Addiction, Reward and Motivation
Arthur C. RiegelPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20022006 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Emma Jane Rose Neuroimaging Research Branch20042009 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
William N. Sanchez LunaNeuroscience, drug abuse, dopamine Integrative Neurobiology Section20212022 Sergi Ferre (grad student)
Katherine E. Savell
Simona Spinelli Neuroimaging Research Branch20052007 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Vaughn R. Steele Neuroimaging Research Branch20152019 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Michael Tennekoon Neuroimaging Research Branch20152018 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Huikun Wang Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20111016 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Sophia Weber Neuronal Ensembles of Addiction20172019 Rajtarun Madangopal (research assistant)
Phillip P Witkowski Learning and Decision Making Unit2023 Thorsten Kahnt (post-doc)
Hideaki Yano Cellular and Neurocomputational Systems20142019 Carl R. Lupica (post-doc)
Yantao Zhang Neuroimaging Research Branch20052009 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)
Xiaochu Zhang Neuroimaging Research Branch20052010 Elliot A. Stein (post-doc)