School of Pharmacy, University of London

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Afia Begum AliInterneuron, neocortex, hippocampus, synaptic networks
Derek BowieAMPA & Kainate receptors, Neurodevelopment19871992 Trevor G. Smart (grad student)
Zhuo Huangcellular phsiology Alasdair J. Gibb (grad student), Mala M. Shah (post-doc)
Mark L. MayerStructural Biology, Ligand gated ion channels19771980 Michael A. Simmonds (grad student), Donald Straughan (grad student)
Michael A. Simmonds
Anne StephensonMolecular Neuroscience, Receptor Pharmacology, Excitatory Neurotransmitter Receptors, Excitotoxicity, Inhibitory Neurotransmitter Receptors, Scaffolding Proteins, Kinesin-mediated Neuronal Trafficking