Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nicolás A Araneda HinrichsCognitive Neuroscience of Language and Translation Peter Hagoort (grad student)
Frouke HermensVisual perception Willem J.M. Levelt (research assistant), Niels Olaf Schiller (research assistant)
Niels Olaf SchillerPsycholinguistics Willem J.M. Levelt (grad student)
Antje S. MeyerSpeech production, individual differences Willem J.M. Levelt (grad student)
Judith Holler
Ulf Liszkowski
Willem J.M. LeveltPsycholinguistics, Visual and auditory perception
Falk HuettigExperimental Psychology
Melissa BowermanChild language acquisition, language and thought
Joost Rommerspsycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience Falk Huettig (grad student), Antje S. Meyer (grad student)
Rebecca L. A. Frostcognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, language acquisition
Jean E. Fox Treepsycholinguistics19901991 Willem J.M. Levelt (grad student)
Christiane Dietrichinfant speech perception20012006 Daniel Swingley (grad student)
R. Özdemir-Gross2006 Willem J.M. Levelt (grad student)
Martijn GoudbeekPsycholinguistics, Speech Perception, Emotion, Communication, Language producition20022007 Daniel Swingley (grad student)
Christine A. FawcettSocial-cognitive development20082010 Ulf Liszkowski (post-doc)
Kyle M. JasminLanguage, speech, autism.20092011 Daniel Casasanto (research assistant)
Ashley G. LewisLanguage comprehension, EEG, ERP
Stacey HumphriesCognitive neuroscience, action observation, Parkinson's disease20122016 Judith Holler (grad student)
Alexis G. Hervais-AdelmanCognitive Neuroscience, Speech, Hearing, Multilingualism, Reading
Xiangzhen KongImaging Genetics, Brain Asymmetry, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Neuroscience