University of Northern Iowa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert M. BoodyCurriculum and Instruction Education, Physical Education, Educational Psychology Education
Scharron ClaytonHigher Education, Educational Psychology Education
Joseph K. MintahCurriculum and Instruction Education, Physical Education, Educational Psychology Education2001 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
Delann SoenksenSpecial Education, Technology of Education2006 Sandra Alper (grad student)
John L. KalkwarfAdult and Continuing Education, Community College Education2005 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
Paula A. SchmidtSpecial Education, Social Psychology, Mass Communications2008 Sandra Alper (grad student)
Shelly L. CounsellSpecial Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2007 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
Michale WaggonerLeadership Education, Higher Education, Educational Psychology Education
Simona F. BoroianuBilingual and Multicultural Education, Hispanic American Studies2008 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
Nangai YangLeadership Education, Higher Education, Educational Psychology Education2011 Michale Waggoner (grad student)
Yana A. CornishTeacher Training Education2008 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
S.M. Ali TabeiBiological Physics, Condensed Matter
M. Kimberly MacLin Social Psychology, racial categorization, criminal stereotypes
Mo H. Al-JaroudiSciences Education, Educational Psychology Education, Elementary Education, Teacher Training Education2009 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
John Eustis WilliamsClinical Psychology
Tomoe KitajimaHigher Education, Philosophy of Education2012 Robert M. Boody (grad student)
James F. LubkerLinguistics, Acoustics, Perception
Terry KottmanGuidance and Counseling Education, Industrial Psychology
Otto H. MacLinCognitive Psychology, Face Recognition, Eyewitness Memory
Shirley L. AndersonGuidance and Counseling Education, Industrial Psychology2000 Terry Kottman (grad student)
Susann G. DoodyCurriculum and Instruction Education, Physical Education, Educational Psychology Education
Sandra AlperSpecial Education, Social Psychology, Mass Communications
Dwight J. PetersonVisual Working Memory, Attention, Cognitive Aging20072009 Otto H. MacLin (grad student), M. Kimberly MacLin (grad student)
J. Daniel McCarthyVision, Attention, Action20082010 M. Kimberly MacLin (grad student), Otto H. MacLin (grad student)