Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Egor Ananyevvision, motion perception, consciousness, mental imagery20142018 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (grad student)
Christopher L. AsplundAttention, working memory, reasoning, fMRI20102013 Michael WL Chee (post-doc)
Michael WL CheeSleep deprivation, Cognitive aging, fMRI
Adam Claridge-Chang
James Cousins2015 Michael WL Chee (post-doc)
Rachit Dubey20132014 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (research assistant)
Po-Jang (Brown) HsiehVisual Neuroscience
Yu-Feng (Evan) Huang2011 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (post-doc)
Shao-Min Hung Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (grad student)
Hyunsoo Shawn Jesynaptic plasticity, neurotrophin, schizophrenia
Pravin KumarappanNeural Coding Problem Dale Purves (research assistant)
Hwee Ling Lee19982005 Michael WL Chee (post-doc)
Camilo Libedinsky20092012 Michael WL Chee (post-doc)
Weng Khong LimGenetics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomic Medicine
Jean Liu2011 Michael WL Chee (post-doc)
June Lo Neuroscience2012 Michael WL Chee (research scientist)
Kep Kee Loh20122014 Michael WL Chee (research assistant)
James Jeffrey MancusoSynaptic circuitry, Microscopy, Neurodegeneration2009 George J. Augustine (post-doc)
Farhan MohammadOptogenetics, Behavioral Neurogenetics, Disease Modelling, Neural-Circuit Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Disorders2010 Adam Claridge-Chang (post-doc)
Yaniv Morgenstern20112013 Dale Purves (post-doc)
Praneeth NamburiMVPA, Optogenetic circuit mapping20102011 Michael WL Chee (research assistant), George J. Augustine (research assistant)
Sei Hwan Oh2014 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (post-doc)
Ju Lynn Ong Neuroscience2011 Michael WL Chee (research scientist)
Jia-Hou PohCognitive Neuroscience20122018 Michael WL Chee (grad student), Juan (Helen) Zhou (research assistant)
Rajeev Vijay RikhyeComputational and Theoretical Neuroscience20112011 Antonius M. VanDongen (research assistant)
Chun Siong Soonpattern analysis20112012 Michael WL Chee (post-doc), Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (post-doc)
Shawn TanNeurotrophin, Animal Behaviour, Emotions Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders20112017 Hyunsoo Shawn Je (grad student)
Pin Kwang TanVision and Consciousness20152019 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (research assistant)
Joo Tan2011 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (grad student)
Sachiko TsudaCerebellum George J. Augustine (post-doc)
Lisa C. Tucker-KelloggComputational Modeling, Molecular Bioolgy, Cancer, Wound Healing
Antonius M. VanDongenNMDA receptors, Therapeutics, Systems Biology, Memory
Chen-Hao Wang2012 Juan (Helen) Zhou (grad student)
Peiyan WongVisual system, comparative neuranatomy
Zixin Yong2015 Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh (grad student)
Xiaoyu ZhangNMDA Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders20132017 Antonius M. VanDongen (grad student)