Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
James C. WaltonBehavioral neuroendocrinology, Biological rhythms20022007 Richmond Thompson (research assistant)
Braulio Peguerogenetics of auditory system20042006 Patsy Dickinson (research assistant)
Katherine L. McCoy (Mitterling)20052006 Seth J. Ramus (research assistant), Diane W. Lee (research assistant)
James M. Harrismolecular neuro Hadley W. Horch (research assistant)
Thorfinn T. RidayNeuroscience20012003 Patsy Dickinson (research assistant)
Alex Henry WilliamsComputational Neurobiology20112012 Patsy Dickinson (research assistant), Adam Louis Mortimer (collaborator)
Adam Louis MortimerCentral Pattern Generators, Homarus americanus20112012 Patsy Dickinson (research assistant)
Benjamin BergReward Behavior, Electrophysiology20112012 Richmond Thompson (research assistant), Hadley W. Horch (research assistant)
Hadley W. Horch
Seth J. Ramusneurobiology of learning and memory, neuropsychology, comparative cognition
Kristen Maynard Hadley W. Horch (grad student)
Megan G. MassaNeuroendocrinology, metabolism20132014 Richmond Thompson (research assistant)
Isabel LowNavigation20122013 Hadley W. Horch (research assistant)
Ronald Christensen
Patsy DickinsonInvertebrate neural systems
Matthew Raymond Ginther Neuroscience Seth J. Ramus (research assistant)
Andre Walcott Neuroscience Neuroscience20112012 Seth J. Ramus (research assistant), Bojana Zupan (research assistant)
Richmond ThompsonBehavioral neuroendocrinology