Technical University of Munich

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Geoffrey A. Manleyauditory, hair cells Mark Konishi (grad student)
Tobias Kohl Animal Sciences2014 Harald Luksch (post-doc)
Christine Köpplauditory, evolution of the auditory system Geoffrey A. Manley (grad student)
Dan N. HillVibrissa System Garrett T. Kenyon (research assistant)
Daniel RothVirtual and Augmented Reality, Medical Applications, Embodiment, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality20202021 Nassir Navab (post-doc)
Janie Michelle Ondraceksystems neuroscience, neuroethology, Zoology Harald Luksch (post-doc)
David W. FranklinMotor Control, Motor Learning, Reflexes
Nadine Lehnensensori-motor, translational neuroscience, neurology, psychosomatic medicine
Harald Luksch
Syed Suleman Abbas Zaidi
Axel Brungercrystallography, synaptic neurotransmission1982 Klaus Schulten (grad student)
Josine Verhaal Animal Sciences20112017 Harald Luksch (grad student)
Panagiotis SymvoulidisOptical Imaging, Electrical Engineering, Signal/Image Processing
tomas vega-zunigaNeurobiology Animal Sciences20122018 Harald Luksch (post-doc)