Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Anika Bick-Sander Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Dagmar BosholdInstitute for Molecular and Cellular Cognition2008 Dietmar Kuhl (research assistant)
Sergio Castro-GomezLearning and Memory, Neurological disorders2012 Dietmar Kuhl (grad student), Ora Ohana (grad student)
Xuejun ChaiBrain development, Neuropsychiatric disorders
Oana M Constantin Christine E. Gee (grad student)
Björn Dammermann Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Brenna C FeareyElectrophysiology, Calcium imaging, Two-photon microscopy, Hippocampus, Synaptic plasticity Christine E. Gee (grad student)
Tim Fieblinger2019 Thomas G. Oertner (post-doc)
Michael Frotscher
Xiaoyan Gaosynaptic network and plasticity, learning and memory
Christine E. GeeGlutamate receptors, preclinical psychiatry, amygdala
Christina Gross Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Guido HermeyLearning and Memory
Sebastian Jessberger Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Hardeep KatariaNeuroprotection, L1CAM, adhesion molecules
Gunther Kauselmann Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Uwe Konietzko Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Dietmar KuhlLearning and Memory
Paul J Lamothe-MolinaSpatial memory, in vivo optogenetics, Engram/memory trace
Claudia MahlkeLearning and Memory
Xiaosong MaoLearning and Memory
Katharine MillerNeurodegeneration, Translational Control, RNA
Beatrice Mühlberger Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Thomas G. Oertnersynaptic plasticity, two-photon imaging
Alberto Perez-Alvarezneuron-astrocyte communication, ER signaling20122020 Thomas G. Oertner (post-doc)
Niels Plath Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Stefan Spiess Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Daniel Udwarisynaptic plasticity,light-activated enzymes
Robert Waltereit Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Shaobo WangNeuronal Migration
Markus Weiler Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
Simon J. WiegertSynaptic plasticity
Peer Wulff Dietmar Kuhl (grad student)
jinchong xuneural stem cell
Shuting Yinsynaptic plasticity2011 Thomas G. Oertner (post-doc)