University of California

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Torsten Bullmanncircadian rhythm; hibernation; tau protein; axon20012001 Chris S. Colwell (research assistant)
Lindsay P CameronNeuroscience, Psychedelics, Pharmacology, Depression Neuroscience20142016 Hwai-Jong Cheng (research assistant)
Michael H. Chase
Anne Lillian collinsaddiction
Irjö EngeströmPsychology, activity theory
Wolf M. HarmeningVisual system, Psychophysics, Adaptive optics
Robert Eugene Harris William Thomas Heron (grad student)
Lucia F. Jacobs
Tonya L. JacobsAttention
Jerome Kagan Department of Psychology Frank A. Beach (grad student)
Nobuko KemmotsuNeuropsychology
Ronald KettnerAuditory system
Hans A. Kretzschmarneurodegeneration, prions, neuropathology DeArmond J. Stephen (post-doc)
Francisco R. Morales
Jonathan Nussdorfglaucoma Maureen Powers (grad student)
James O'Halloran
Maureen Powersgrowth and development of visual systems and brain plasticity
David RempelPhysical Ergonomics, Biomechanics, musculoskeletal systems
Walter K. SchmidtYeast protease Molecular and Cellular Biology19891995 Hsiao-Ping H. Moore (grad student)
Louise SilvernClinical Psychology Charles Nakamura (grad student)
DeArmond J. Stephenprions, neuropathology, Neurodegeration
Marquis P. VawterGenetic of gene expression, postmortem brain, psychiatric disorders
Denny Yu20062007 Dan Nathan-Roberts (research assistant)
Kimberly Yung20062007 Dan Nathan-Roberts (research assistant)