East Tennessee State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Rebecca Altschuler Psychology2018 Julia Dodd (grad student)
Ronald BaisdenNeurobiology Biology
Eric BeaumontNeuroscience
Ginette C. BlackhartSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Brandon C. Bogle2012 Chris Dula (grad student)
Russell W. BrownBehavioral Pharmacology
Peggy J. CantrellBehavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminology and Penology
Gabrielle Caselman Psychology2017 Julia Dodd (grad student)
Michelle J. ChandleyNeuroscience Biology, Immunology2008 Barney Miller (grad student)
Holly S. ClickAdministration Education, Higher Education2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Debra A. ClineSecondary Education, Adult and Continuing Education2001 Russell Mays (grad student)
Christin Collie Clinical Psychology Meredith Ginley (grad student)
Constance M. CottongimGuidance and Counseling Education2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Kelly E. Daniel Psychology Psychology2020 Diana M. Morelen (grad student), Megan R. Wolff (collaborator)
Mary J. DavenportNeurobiology Biology2010 Owen Murnane (grad student)
Mandi F. DeitzMental Health, Clinical Psychology, Military Studies Psychology2014 Stacey Williams (grad student)
Catherine A. EdwardsTechnology of Education, Teacher Training Education2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Jeffrey H. EllisonPrimary care psychology, Rural pediatric treatment seeking, Telepsychology Psychology2014 Jodi Polaha (grad student)
Sandra M. EnloeSpecial Education, Industrial Psychology2001 Russell Mays (grad student)
John T. EnloeSpecial Education2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Virginia S. FarrElementary Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2003 Russell Mays (grad student)
Russell T. Fox2012 Chris Dula (grad student)
Meredith Ginley
Natasha B. Gouge Psychology2013 Jodi Polaha (grad student)
Bridgette Y. HackettAdministration Education2003 Russell Mays (grad student)
Chris K. Hauserperceptual decision making, motor systems Psychology20082011 Eric W. Sellers (research assistant)
Joel J. HillhousePublic Health, Behavioral Psychology, Health Education
Madison Hinkle Psychology2018 Julia Dodd (grad student)
Kimberly N. HugginsDopamine
Seth Kirby Ryan M. Yoder (grad student)
Balvin H. L. ChuaNeuroscience Biology
Xuwan LiuPharmacology2003 Balvin H. L. Chua (grad student)
Russell MaysSpecial Education, Industrial Psychology
Michael T. Miesner Psychology2014 Chris Dula (grad student)
Barney MillerNeuroscience Biology, Immunology
Hannah G. Mitchell Clinical Psychology20192024 Meredith Ginley (grad student)
Darrell MooreChronobiology, Ecology, Neuroscience
Owen MurnaneNeurobiology Biology
Matthew I. PalmatierBehavioral Pharmacology/Neuroscience
Daryl Parungao Psychology Rachel Miller-Slough (grad student)
Marla PernaBehavioral Pharmacology2012 Russell W. Brown (grad student)
Jodi Polaha William Pelham (research assistant)
David B. RyanBCI Psychology2014 Eric W. Sellers (grad student)
Eric W. SellersBCI
A. B. SheppardBehavioral Pharmacology/Neuroscience Psychology2014 Matthew I. Palmatier (grad student)
Linda B. StroudAdministration Education, Secondary Education2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Thalia Pitsillidou SullivanOpioid Use Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Repeated Exposure Trauma, First Responder Mental Health Clinical Psychology20192024 Meredith Ginley (grad student)
David J. TimbsAdult and Continuing Education, Individual and Family Studies, Biography2003 Russell Mays (grad student)
Byron N Van NestApis mellifera, Manduca sexta, neuroanatomy, neuroethology, learning and memory, decision making, navigation and flight control Biological Sciences2010 Darrell Moore (grad student)
Cheston West Psychology Rachel Miller-Slough (grad student)
Carol H. WhaleySpecial Education, Speech Pathology2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Nancye C. WilliamsEarly Childhood Education, Individual and Family Studies2002 Russell Mays (grad student)
Stacey WilliamsMental Health, Clinical Psychology, Military Studies
Jessica R. Williamson Psychology2014 Ginette C. Blackhart (grad student)
Megan R. Wolff Psychology2020 Diana M. Morelen (grad student)
Xingshun XuNeuroscience Biology2007 Balvin H. L. Chua (grad student)