Nanyang Technological University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Victoria Turner20142016 Albert I. Chen (research scientist)
Jessica Gaunt Toh Hean Ch'ng (post-doc)
Lee Yan Jun NTU LKCMedicine Toh Hean Ch'ng (grad student)
Aloysius Low2018 Albert I. Chen (post-doc)
Arnold Tan Weijun Toh Hean Ch'ng (research assistant)
Alaric Yip2014 Albert I. Chen (grad student)
Feng Chen NTU LKCMedicine Toh Hean Ch'ng (post-doc)
Helen Ho2018 Albert I. Chen (research scientist)
Ayesha Thanawalla20142019 Albert I. Chen (grad student)
Wee Kiat Lau2016 Gerrit W. Maus (grad student)
Anna Hei Chan
Kelly Wong Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine2017 George J. Augustine (grad student)
Ang Weitech
Martesa Tantra20142017 Albert I. Chen (post-doc)
Martin Graf Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine2015 George J. Augustine (post-doc)
Agnes Fang Yi Lim
Dongbo Zhang Keiko Koda (grad student), G. Richard Tucker (grad student)
Toh Hean Ch'ng
Wei Lee Lim NTU LKCMedicine Toh Hean Ch'ng (research scientist)
Norliyana Binte Zainolabidin2019 Albert I. Chen (post-doc)
Sandhya Kamath20132018 Albert I. Chen (grad student)
Soon Hui Rong Toh Hean Ch'ng (grad student)
Vibhavari Bansal Toh Hean Ch'ng (grad student)
Alexander Gravier Computer Engineering20092015 Wlodzislaw Duch (grad student)
Jimmy Y. ZhongAir Traffic Management; fMRI; Navigation Strategy; Psychometrics; Spatial Cognition and Navigation
Donghwan Richie KimBiomaterials, Neural electrodes
Zach ChiaClaustrum, Electrophysiology, Optogenetics, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Anterior Insular Cortex
Jason KuenComputer Vision, Machine Learning
Shannon L. ZandyNeuropharmacology Doug B. Matthews (grad student)
Helen GuoNeuroscience20142018 Albert I. Chen (grad student)
Guigao LiuPhotochemistry; 2D materials School of Materials Science and Engineering MSE20172020 Hua Zhang (post-doc), Hua Zhang (post-doc)
Jing-Xuan LimSensorimotor neuroscience Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine20152016 George J. Augustine (research assistant)
Ananda E SidartaSensorimotor neuroscience, rehabilitation technology Mechanical Engineering Ang Weitech (grad student)
Hoi Yeung Y. Litransition from interphase to mitosis
Egor Ananyevvision, motion perception, consciousness, mental imagery Psychology2018 Gerrit W. Maus (post-doc)
Jit Wei (Aaron) AngVision; Cognitive Neuroscience
Gerrit W. MausVisual perception
Yulia RevinaVisual system, perception, top-down signals Division of Psychology20172020 Gerrit W. Maus (post-doc)
Yajun Yu“Digital Signal Processing”
Yong Ching Lim“Digital Signal Processing”